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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Keeping Busy...

It's nearly Christmas and life is good. I've been busier than ever, working and volunteering.  I work for a company as a caretaker for a friend of mine, I go to her house 3 times a week and do things like light housework, cooking and running errands. The volunteering comes in when I drive her to town and to doctor's appointments, I can't claim that time on the hours, the company will not pay for driving, their insurance doesn't cover it.

I'm also a driver for another lady who lives out here in the neighborhood, she has lost her eyesight, or most of it, enough that it isn't safe for her to drive. We go to town once a week (sometimes more), mainly to go to the doctor (weekly allergy shots), we also do the grocery shopping and any other errands that need to be run. This also falls under volunteering, though I do get benefits from it, she buys lunch each week, we pick out a restaurant to go to and have a grand time trying each of them out, I also get to do my grocery shopping and any other errands I need to do in town.

This week is a very busy week, Monday was our Christian class at church, Tuesday I went to do my caretaker job, today I am working on getting my computer ready to be sent off to Toshiba for some warranty repair work, I'm also putting together the Christmas carol music for church, tomorrow (Thursday) is my driving day, after that I am the MC for the Christmas carols at church, after that the whole church goes to a friend's house to eat chili-dogs. Friday I am driving the lady who I am a caretaker for to her doctor, that is a 3 hour drive to get there, we spend the day in that town doing the sort of shopping we can't do here (WalMart, Sam's, Golden Corral...), Saturday is driving to town (locally) again, then our volunteer fire department is having our annual Christmas party, then Sunday is church and our monthly board meeting, I'm the secretary for the church board so I have to type out the minutes from the last meeting.

With all of this said, I am not complaining one little bit, I thoroughly love my life, busy or not, life is good. :) Since I don't have family nearby, it's good to have wonderful friends and neighbors.

My laptop has developed a problem, it's practically new, just a few months old, the fan inside is making a horrible noise, it is a defective fan, it sounds like the fans in the inverters that are 4 years old, it shouldn't sound like this so soon, I worry that it will fail soon. I contacted Toshiba about it and they were great, they sent me a shipping box via UPS, I am planning on shipping it off on Thursday, it is supposed to be gone a week or so, I will be going through computer withdrawals, I'll have my old laptop, but now that I'm used to my newer faster one... oh well, it could be worse. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Merry Christmas.

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