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Friday, April 27, 2012

Periogen Review

I am finally ready to give Periogen a final review (though there may be followups in the future), I must say that I am very happy with it, it does what it says it does, it is removing the tartar from my teeth. 

Living off grid and making very little money, dental and health insurance is pretty much out of the question, so being proactive about my dental health is something that has really become something important to me. I know that many health issues are directly influenced by the state of your dental health, mainly from bacteria and infections that might be simmering just below the surface.

You can read about my dental history, or you can scroll down to the review.

My dental history:
Growing up, no one of my family went to dentists, it was just too expensive. We must have had pretty good teeth though, none of us had any dental problems or emergencies. When I was 16 years old, we were unceremoniously taken to the dentist for the first time. I have to say, that dentist had a terrible bedside manner, this was my FIRST trip to the dentist, of course I had a tartar buildup, he decided the best thing to do was deride me about it, making rude comments and making me feel very bad. Needless to say, it was many years before I went back to another dentist.

As an adult I decided I needed braces, I had very crooked teeth and knew if I wanted to take better care of them, they needed to be straight, and of course there was a bit of vanity in there too, I wanted to smile without feeling self conscious. Well, 5 years and many many many hundreds and thousands of dollars later, I had straight and healthy teeth.

I loved going to the dentist, not to see my dentist though, I had a great hygienist named Beverly, she really knew me and my mouth. All too soon though, she moved away and I just wasn’t happy with anyone else. No one would spend the time she did, no one would baby me like she did, and I need babying when it comes to my teeth and mouth, I tend to be a major wimp about my mouth. I eventually stopped going to the dentist all together.

Move ahead 15 years and even though I still have pretty good teeth, but I had a major buildup of tartar, I knew this wasn’t a good thing, I worked on it myself from time to time with dental picks but that only got some of the worst buildup, it didn’t do a thing for what was below the gum line and between my teeth. I started looking for products that might help remove tartar, I had even looked at some of those tartar removers for dogs, yes I was that desperate. I know I should go to a dentist, but I already know what they will want to do, they will want to scale my teeth, possibly even doing gum surgery, well that is a no-go for me, both financially and health wise, I know that will release a LOT of toxins into my body and I just don’t want to go there.

Periogen review:
I found one, and only one product that promised to remove tartar, both above the gum and below. It’s called Periogen. I read the reviews on Amazon and most of them were positive, it seems that the few negative ones were people who didn’t use it long enough for it to work properly, they thought they would see big chunks of tartar falling from their mouth, or they complained about the price of Periogen. I will address both of these further down.

I decided I wanted to give this a try, I had been in contact with the Periogen company through Amazon as a result of asking questions on the reviews there, I asked John at Periogen if I could do a trial of the product and give it a review, I did want to try it and would have purchased it if I had been turned down. Much to my delight, John replied and said yes, I could do a trial for review, he sent me 2 bottles (I was only expecting one) and I immediately started using it.

The best way to use Periogen is to brush your teeth first, use any dental products you normally use, then use Periogen last, John suggested that I use it last thing at night before going to bed. You can use Periogen by swishing it in your mouth, but if you really want the best results, use an oral irrigator, the one they recommend is by WaterPik, there is a link below to the right one. I already had another brand of oral irrigator and it works just fine for me. You add one scoop of Periogen per half cup of warm water, each bottle has a scoop included. The product fizzes up quite a bit then calms down, after brushing I use the irrigator to spray the Periogen water on my gums and teeth, paying particular attention to the spots where there is more tartar, I also hold some of the Periogen water in my mouth and swish it around, I just wanted to make sure I got the most out of the product. The first night I used it was fairly uneventful, my teeth did feel cleaner, almost squeaky, but no magic was happening, yet…

As far as the taste, it has a light citrus flavor, nothing to write home about, it's not bad at all, I don't mind the flavor, I even look forward to the citrus flavor, that's how I know I have enough Periogen in the water.

I used it for 2 weeks, in all honesty I didn’t use it every night, maybe 4X a week, and as is typical of myself, I couldn’t leave well enough alone, I did use a dental pick to work on the visible tartar, mainly what was on the back of my lower front teeth. What I did notice almost right away was the tartar came off much easier, and the stuff I normally couldn’t remove because it wasn’t thick enough to get a good “bite” with the pick, this was more easily scraped away.

By the third week, that’s when I noticed the magic! I was flossing (something else I’m bad about not doing as often as I should), as I moved the floss between my back teeth (molars) the floss slid in and out with no resistance, normally the floss would end up shredded by the roughness of the tartar buildup between my teeth, this time, there was more space and the floss slid easily in and out. Now I knew the Periogen was truly working, there was no way I could have gotten my dental pick between my back molars, this was strictly the Periogen working!
Before Periogen (not my teeth)

After Periogen about 8 weeks after
I have 2 lower front teeth where I have pretty severe receding gums, a couple of weeks ago I irritated those two teeth by eating some chicken strips, my gums swelled quite a bit, there was infection and the accompanying pressure and pain. I continued using Periogen and another product called Calcium Therapy (I'll do a review on that soon), it took about a week but the problem did resolve itself, I noticed a few days ago that the gums were growing back, one tooth is better than the other, but there is definitely a major difference, I am very happy to see that, these are the two worst teeth in my mouth and the ones I worried most about losing.

Now to answer the negative reviews on Amazon about Periogen, first the fact that it didn’t work on the first few uses. I will tell you that the tartar didn’t build up overnight, and using Periogen (as opposed to physical scraping) you aren’t going to remove it overnight, you will have to use it more than a couple of times to notice it working. It does work though, and faster than I expected, within 2-3 weeks I it was making a significant difference in the tartar on my teeth, I had a bad buildup and I didn’t use it every night as I should have, if I had used it every night, I know it would have worked even faster.

Now to the second concern I read, the price, a bottle of Periogen is $29.95 with free shipping, (price as of the time I am writing this), used properly that should last about 45 days. You should be able to tell it’s working within 2 weeks. Periogen has a money back guarantee, so you aren’t going to lose out by trying Periogen. I look at it like this, if I go to a dentist just for a routine cleaning and checkup, the average cost is going to be at least $100, if you don’t have a tartar on your teeth then you probably don’t need this product, but if you have more than just a small buildup of tartar (like I did) then you are going to spend lots more than that for deep cleaning, scaling, you are looking at $100-$400 per quadrant, all of a sudden that bottle of Periogen @ $29.95 for a 45 day supply isn’t looking so expensive after all. I certainly don’t mind spending 30 bills on a product that actually does what it claims to do.

Bottom line, if you are living like I do, on very little money, far from the nearest dentist, and you want to maintain your dental health or even turn a bad dental situation around, or you are looking to fill out your emergency medical bag for the time when things might go really bad and services like dental care isn’t available (temporarily or permanently), then I would recommend getting a bottle or two of Periogen, I am very happy with my results and will be buying more.

I am not a medical professional, nothing written here is meant to diagnose or treat any medical problems. I am merely stating what has worked for me. The information provided on this website should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction.

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  1. Thanks Wretha! I really want to get this...I haven't been able to afford it, but I have been cleaning my teeth really well, flossing, and using perioxide in the water and swishing in my mouth. After several times I was able to use a tooth pick and scraper and the tartar came off. I've done my kids teeth too, and recently did take them to the dentist for a checkup. I had a $39 coupon for Monarch Dental. They are both great, and we are going to get sealants on their teeth, which will be $144 and well worth it to me. The 3 year old was not so fortunate, and "needs" almost $2K in dental work. It seems he has inheritd my teeth issues. Thanks for the review, I have it on my list, and hope to purchase soon. ;-)

    1. Great write up on Periogen. I know this is 5 year old comment but I hope you didn't spend $2,000 on your 3 year old's teeth. The majority of the time dentists tell you your very young child needs thousands of work, they are lying. I hope you got a second opinion.

  2. thank u for your blog on this. i read it and ordered some. using it for the first time tonight. very excited.

  3. thabk u for the blog on this. i was searching for an honest review of this stuff. i just startes tonight and am very excited.

  4. I have something better...you brush as you would everyday. Use it with or without toothpaste and it works much faster...http://cocorangebrite.com

  5. Thank you for your diligent follow-up and report. Good details. I feel confident in your results and will try Periogen. Thank you for your honesty in reporting.


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