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Monday, April 2, 2012

DMSO & Stairs

Yesterday PB built half of a set of stairs that go from our deck to the roof, he felt pretty good yesterday, but today his lower back was really hurting him. I had purchased a bottle of DMSO quite some time ago but was afraid to use it, I listened to a show about DMSO http://www.oneradionetwork.com/health/janet-perry-dmso-answers-from-an-expert-february-28-2012/ and now I am not afraid of it, I got the bottle out and applied it to PB's back...

...of course PB was skeptical, he always is about "natural" or "alternative" healing products, but fortunately he does tend to humor me and allowed me to use this on his back. The first thing I noticed was the odor, it has a fairly strong garlic smell, fortunately that odor dissipates pretty quickly, I also had some distilled water, I put the water on his back first, then applied the DMSO then rubbed it in with a paper towel soaked with the distilled water, the idea was to dilute the DMSO somewhat, I didn't rub it in vigorously, I just lightly rubbed it to spread and slightly dilute the DMSO.

About 15-20 minutes later, PB came into the kitchen and sarcastically said it was working while he did a couple of jumping jacks... I quickly pointed out that he JUST DID JUMPING JACKS and it didn't hurt, before he was hobbling around moaning about how much his back hurt, he even laid down in bed while complaining about not being able to get into a position where his back didn't hurt. :)

 A little while later, he asked me to apply more DMSO to his back, I have now applied it 3X, he is now outside building the rest of those stairs.
You can find DMSO at most feed stores, if you can't find it locally, you can get it here:

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  1. I found about your blog on Amazon. I saw your review on MD Creekmore's book. I've been reading his survivalist blog for years now. He's great.

    My hubby and I are going off grid very soon. The wheels are in motion now.

    I'm really enjoying your blog and all the good ideas you are putting forth.

  2. Thanks for posting this I need to get me some. Your doing great on the Blog and look forward to reading all of your Posts.


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