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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It finally happened, I've been called sexist..... :)

I wondered when it would happen, and quite frankly I'm surprised it's taken this long to occur.... on the other off grid site where I write, I was accused to being sexist because of something I wrote, sigh.....

Rather than copy and paste the comment, I did a screen cap of it, here it is
As moderator of this site, one of my duties is to moderate comments, I get to decide if a comment gets through or not, and it's on MY article, I considered hitting the trash button, then figured I would take this opportunity to educate Nik, hopefully what I said broke through his or her feminist agenda. Here was my response:

I just don't know what else I could say, I kept my religious views out of it, I just stated fact, and the fact is that men are generally physically stronger than women, I have no problem with that, sometimes I wish I could open that really tight jar, or heft a piece of plywood on my back and carry it up a ladder, but wishing it isn't going to make it so, I LOVE it that I get to live in a mostly traditional heterosexual male-female pairing, I LOVE it that my man builds for me, I LOVE doing the cooking and other domestic goodies, I certainly don't expect him to work on the sky castle all day then cook dinner that night, we are a TEAM, he does what he does best, I do what I do best, it works. The reason I say "mostly" traditional is because I am the breadwinner in the household, I certainly don't mind that, if he were to go out and work a 9-5 job or anything else that would take him away from home, then we wouldn't have what we have now, we would have to pay someone else to build for us. We have managed to set ourselves up in a pretty good situation for us, I make no apologies for that.

So what do you think about this? If you wish to read the article I wrote that sparked this debate, you can find it here:

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  1. My wife and I have lived this way our whole lives. It's just something we were raised to do and it is something we raised our children to do. In my household we share all the chores. There is not some for her and then some for me. When I am building she is right there doing just as much work as I am and when she is in the kitchen I am right there doing as much work as she does.
    Saying all that, yes she is limited to what she can pick up, hold, nail or drill as well as I am limited on what I can cook, sew and mend. She has her strengths as well as I do.
    If I wanted to be with someone who could lift and work like a man then she would not be near as pretty and womanly as the woman I have been married to for 25 years. I don't see myself in a relationship with someone as manly as me. It's not natures way. What's wrong with that? Was that sexist?
    I honestly think it's a joke and if that is all some women can think about then they don't have enough to do and need to get out of the house and away from the TV.

  2. That isn't being sexist,that's being truthful.I can do a lot of jobs men can do.But without the upper body strength I would have to do it differently and would take longer. So let the men do it.
    I faced it years ago.My chosen trade was auto mechanics. I really didn't have a problem in school,but after I got out I did. I was better at working on the electronics than the guys..But the employers wanted me to work in parts. I compromised and went into maintenance.
    Now I would rather stay home and crochet and can and make jelly.Sewing also takes up my time.LOL I also do all our plumbing. We found out years ago I'm better at it than my hubby,and it saves us money. My hubby can tear up more than he fixes.
    He takes care of the yard.I take care of the house,and he pays for all my yarn and quilting supplies.We learned a long time ago to ignore what anyone thinks cause it works for us!!

    1. Thanks zztop357, I'd give you a big thumbs up if Blogger had such a thing :)

      I'm not really concerned about what Nik thinks about our life or what I write about it, quite frankly I expected this type of response to my online thoughts a long time ago, I figured I'd use this as a teaching moment for Nik and for anyone else who thinks it's sexist to understand that men are physically stronger than women :)

  3. Wretha, you only told it like it is. Because I live by myself there are things I have to do that are difficult for me but would not be difficult for a man. For the most part, when I know I simply cannot get something done I hire a guy or ask one of my great neighbors to help.

    1. Thanks Momlady, truth is truth, I'm glad to hear you have good neighbors who help :)

  4. Yeah.... no. .I'd write that whole comment off as either programming, ignorance, or immaturity. I wouldn't waste a second worrying about it or trying to to clear up what was obviously made muddy on purpose. Seems to me, people like that don't just want you to hear their perspective, but they are only happy when you completely agree with them. I just smile and wave, and they can come along if they want. Otherwise.... bye.

    Also, what if Nik is just an armchair gardener/wannabe prepper type? If someone has DONE any of these things then I don't think that would require any kind of an explanation. The lifestyle clears up the confusion for ya. ;) One more reason to ignore someone like that. You are SO far -- leagues -- above this character in real life, or that comment would never have been made.
    Just my 2.


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