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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Water, water, beautiful water!

As of tonight, technically last night as this is now the morning, I finally have running water again. PB had been wanting to move the small tank (300 gallons) from the porch just outside of the kitchen to the ground, either under the skycastle or under the porch. So earlier this week he drained the remaining water out of the tank, removed the various hoses and the pump and moved it.

It is in a better spot, and with the pump outside of the kitchen, it's much quieter now. He re-assembled all of the hoses, hooked up the pump, turned it on, and viola, no water.... so all week long I have been doing what I used to do, walking down the hill to my neighbor's house and hauling up 2 gallons of water, we are pretty frugal with our water to begin with, this week we have been uber-frugal! Few dishes have been done, very little cleaning that required water....

PB decided there was an air leak in the hose on the pickup side, he was able to get to it yesterday evening, disassemble the pump and determine for certain where the air leak was, he had to use another hose, one that fit better, he put everything back together, turned on the pump, and for an agonizing few seconds nothing came out of the faucet. Then water, wonderful wet water began to flow.

I just did a big batch of dishes, I think every plate we own was dirty, certainly all the silverware and pretty much everything else, I can't believe I'm getting excited about doing dishes, I think that is the chore I like least. I planned on taking a shower before going to bed, but someone who will remain nameless, who took a shower, left the light on and the windows open in the shower, so it's full of bugs right now, june bugs and all sorts of other flying creatures.... I'm not interested in fighting them tonight, I'll take a shower when I get up in the morning.

Hope your week has gone well :)

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  1. My water was frozen for a week. Took a couple weeks to get hot water. I know exactly how good it feels to wash dishes -and I hate washing dishes.


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