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Monday, April 6, 2009


Stockpiling foods and ammo are what most people think about when pondering the TEOTWAWKI scenario... but there are more things to that will be needed, consider this, even if you don't smoke, there are many other people who do. In the event that things get hard to come by, money gets short, stores close down... whatever the cause, those who smoke will be scrounging around for smokes. So whether or not you smoke, or have a loved one that smokes, these little bits of tobacco, paper and filters will be in short supply and in great demand. This makes them valuable as barter fodder. Perhaps more valuable than our failing cash will be.

I'm about to give away a huge secret, this is something I found just before we moved to our off grid home. We knew that our income would be whittled down to nearly nil, the problem with that is that Bob smokes, there I said it, he hates it, and tries his best to never do it in front of anyone. But he is addicted and is not going to stop any time soon. He has cut back to 1 pack a day, but when you figure up an average price for a pack of cigs run about $5.00, a carton runs close to $50.00, that's still an expensive habit to maintain. Now with the new cig tax, it is even more expensive, and don't expect that to go down any time soon, expect this to continue going up.

I began to research (on line) how to get cheaper cigs, first I checked out the (American) Indian reservations, they have cheaper cigs, but we don't have a reservation nearby. It's possible to buy from the reservation on line, but I wanted an even cheaper source and I was able to find a cheaper, MUCH cheaper source. Contact me via email, state in the email that you are of legal age to purchase cigarettes, I'll send you a list of places where I have purchased cigarettes. I have not had ANY trouble doing this. I will say that the places where I have purchased them, it does take up to a month to actually get them delivered, so plan ahead, don't order and expect to have them the following week. The longest it has taken for me is the last time I ordered, I had to use the bank transfer method of payment and that added an extra week to the delivery time.

Another thing about ordering from this source, just about every time I have ordered, I had to order from a different website, but the cigs came from the same place. It seems that this company has some sort of issue with the merchant accounts (credit card processing), or it could be something else, I am only assuming that is the problem. It seems that they just create a new website, I just follow the link from the one I ordered from last time. I will say that I have been ordering cigs this way for over a year and have NEVER had trouble with them, I have always received my orders, and my credit card/bank card has been just fine. It kinda weirded me out the first time this happened, I went back to the original site where I ordered and they said their credit card processor didn't work, they sent me to another site to order, the package that I received was wrapped the exact same way and came from the same place, now I'm used to it, it doesn't bother me at all. One thing I do, is I use PayPal, they have a deal on their site where you can create a one time use credit card, I try to use this when possible, that way IF anything were to go wrong, that credit card could only be used the one time. But as I said, I have been doing this for over a year and have not had any problems. It's not always possible to use the PayPal credit card option because it's a MasterCard branded card and sometimes the credit card merchant doesn't accept MasterCard, I do wish PayPal could have a Visa option.

Email me, state that you are of legal age to purchase cigarettes, and I'll give you the links where I have purchased and the way to find new sites and how I find the best deals. The cigs that Bob likes are made by Phillip Morris, they are called "Red&Whites", he used to smoke Marlboro Reds, he says that the Red&Whites taste just as good, and the price is right, between 6-8 dollars per carton, plus shipping. That is the one place where they get you is the shipping, they charge 5-7 dollars per carton to ship, no matter what, if you buy 1 carton, they charge you shipping for the one carton, if you buy 3 cartons, they charge you for 3 cartons, but it still comes out cheaper than buying here.

Just a caveat, a legal notice here, you cannot legally resell these cigs here in the USA, because of tax law, if you are caught reselling these, you could go to jail. Now as far as I'm concerned, you can do as you please with your cigs, but Uncle Big Bro has other ideas about this. Smoke em yourself, but don't trade them for goods or services, don't outright sell them (or if you do, don't come looking for me if you get caught). I also don't encourage anyone to start smoking if you don't already smoke, it's a bad habit, it stinks, it is bad for your health in many ways, and it's bad for your pocketbook. I am only offering a cheaper source for buying cigs.

Another option is to buy tobacco seeds and grow your own. I understand that it's pretty easy to grow the plants, you harvest the leaves, dry them, it's the next step that complicates things a bit, you need to cure your tobacco, it's not absolutely necessary, but I understand it makes them more like commercial cigs. One of the best places I found that explains it better than I can is here CLICK HERE. It may be worth the trouble to get additive free tobacco, this way at least you KNOW what went into it.

Here is a link to a site that inspired me to write this, actually I had been considering writing about this subject before, but didn't quite have the nerve to do it until I read this article.

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