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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Mystery Is Solved

I found it! Actually found it last night shortly after the first post about the stench permeating the air. I passed right by it so many times and never even considered that such an odor could be coming from this source. What is it you ask? A bowl of garlic chive seed heads. I had cut them last week to save the seeds and keep the seeds from falling in a place where I don't necessarily want garlic chives growing.

I cut these seed heads, placed them in a bowl to finish drying and set this by the sink. Mountain Man Bob thought the seeds may get splashed by the sink and he thought I might forget about them, so he set the bowl on the shelf behind my laptop. In the process of drying, the scent of the garlic chives got stronger and stronger, eventually turning into something unpleasant, almost rancid, dead smelling...

I took the bowl outside and put it on the deck. I wanted to wait until today to decide if that was really the source of the smell and it seems that the smell is gone. I briefly wondered if I should cover it, perhaps the mice or other critters might get into it, then I realized that with the smell these were giving off, I doubt anything would bother it, LOL. I am sooooo glad that we didn't have to resort to drastic measures to get rid of the odor or worse, have to live with it until it went away.

As Lindy aptly called the game, "What in the hell is that smell?", apparently her cats love this game, I'll be glad not to play that again any time soon. :)


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