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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Something Stinks....

... no I'm not going political on ya, something really does stink around here. I have been smelling it for a few days, at first I thought maybe I had left something in the sink that needed to go... well I cleaned out the sink extra good, it's not there, it's not coming up from the drain. It's been fairly low key, not too bad, I could smell it when I first walked in to the skycastle, but by the time I put my stuff down, I couldn't smell it anymore so I would forget about it. Well, tonight, it is strong, too strong to ignore. I have sniffed around all of my food stocks, under and behind everything, I can't pinpoint where this smell is coming from. I smell it strongest around my computer area, that's next to the food storage, I still can't find the source. I fear it may be a dead mouse in the wall... uuugggghhhh.

We have had a few mice living in the roof, with fall and cooler weather coming, the mice are looking for a warm and cozy place to overwinter. We have some traps set out where they have been walking around outside, so far there is no evidence that they have gotten inside, I believe that possibly one is dead in the wall though. I'll talk to Mountain Man Bob about it tomorrow. If there IS a dead mouse in the wall, I'm afraid we may have to let Nature take its course and allow it to mummify, hopefully this is the stinkiest it will get (crossing my fingers and pinching my nose). Getting behind this wall would be an all day job, we would have to take down all of the food stocks, take everything down over my computer, remove all of the shelves, then we would be able to remove the wall panels, then once we found the offending critter, the other half of the job would begin, putting everything back. Not something either one of us would be interested in doing.

We live in a pretty arid climate, hopefully the alleged mouse carcass will dry out quickly. I'll keep ya informed about the phantom odor and what I find.


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