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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Props To My Commentators

Congrats to my chattiest commentator, Seth! I have a new widget that shows the top 10 commentators on this blog. Thanks to each and every one of you for not only reading this blog, but taking the time to comment and letting me know your thoughts, asking questions and such.

Just scroll down on the right side of the screen (on the blog, can't see it in a reader), just below the "about me" block.

Thanks to
  1. seth (21)
  2. Mayberry (15)
  3. TexasMan (13)
  4. The Scavenger (9)
  5. The Hermit (8)
  6. Confessions of an Overworked Mom (8)
  7. Ginger (8)
  8. Dragon (7)
  9. HermitJim (7)
  10. Michael (6)

Thanks Creekmore for putting this on your blog for the rest of us to find. :)


Thanks for visiting!


  1. And here I thought I was deficient in my "yak back" duties! Neat widget...

  2. The dream of living a more independent lifestyle off of the grid is kept alive for those of us who aren't there yet by sites like this one - that's part of what keeps me reading. Thanks, Wretha, for providing this!
    Jim Ballou

  3. You do know Texas men are known for being men of few words! MMB for instance.

    Neat widget.

  4. hello .W

    was glad to find this site off your blog.

    www.thesurvivalistblog.net great site , my style!

    is the wireless still up at the store /front porch / my house ?????



  5. Mayberry, nope,you haven't fallen behind, number 2 is in the running. :)
    Jim B, thanks! I assume you are the same J Ballou of the Paladin books, if so, I'm working on your book review, I am tweaking it, if you aren't the same Ballou, disregard.
    TexasMan, hmmm, you don't know MMB very well, he loves to talk, more than any man I know (grin), fortunately he has intelligent things to say, I always tell him that he would narrate the world if he could. :)
    Now if I could just get him to be chatty for the camera... I'm working on it.
    B, yup, Creekmore's sites is great! I'll answer the other stuff privately. ;)


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