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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pre-Interview Phone Call

Yesterday I had a delightful conversation with Randi, she is the show manager of Don't Tread On Me Radio Show, Big John's show. This was a mini-interview, I suspect this was as much to have some talking points as much as it was to determine how well I will do during the live interview. I think I did pretty well, we talked for an hour and a half and could have continued for hours more I'm sure. One thing I realized is I'll have to try to keep myself on track, giving concise answers so that there will be time to get everything in, it's all too easy to go off track, on a tangent and forget the original question.

One thing Randi asked of me was about the Thoreau quote engine I have on my blog, she asked me if I had read Thoreau, I was quite embarrassed to admit that I had never read Thoreau. I have had the book Walden in my hands, I have scanned the book, but never read it fully. I decided that will not do, so I did a search for Thoreau and mp3, I found a wealth of audiobooks, since these books are public domain, it's legal too.

I downloaded the complete book here: http://librivox.org/walden-by-henry-david-thoreau/ I am listening to it as I type. I'll finish it well before I am on Big John's show, so if anyone asked me about that again, I'll be able to proudly be able to say that YES, I have "read" Thoreau. :)

Thanks Randi for the wonderful chat, I look forward to more. :)

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  1. Check out Faith in a Seed if you get a chance. This is a "new" work of Thoreau, published in the late 1980's or early 90's in which his love of the natural world really shines through.. I've read everything published of Thoreau's writing, and love all of it. There is never a moment wasted reading his writing..

  2. Thanks Storm, I'll check it out, on that site I posted, they have lots of other Thoreau's work, I'm sure I'll be checking it all out.


  3. I'll bet you'll do just fine, dear! Looking forward to seeing (hearing) from you soon. I always wanted to meet someone that's "famous"!


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