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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I spent the whole day in town with a friend, picked up some cherry tomato plants, a couple of rosemary bushes, actually right now they look less like bushes and more like twigs, but they will grow into magnificent, edible and tasty bushes. I also picked up the rubber ring for my pressure cooker, got the wrong size, darn! Oh well, it just means another trip to town soon. I also had 2 propane tanks filled. I never take them to a place where you exchange tanks, you never know how the last 20 people (including the employees at the store and the people who refill them) treated the canisters. It's a safety thing for me, I keep these inside my skycastle and I know that my tanks are fairly new, I know how they have been treated from the time they came into my possession, they were purchased new for our use, and I always watch the guy who fills the tank.

Oh, another development, it's getting around that I am the "go to girl" for computer problems, it's hard to find someone to work on your box out here. Right now I have a laptop that was dropped off yesterday for inspection, it should be pretty simple to remove the garbage that has been installed on it, you have to be careful when you are installing anything, don't just blindly click "yes" over and over, many times these companies sneak in extra browser toolbars, they change your search engine choice and do other nasties to your computer, that annoys me to no end, if I had wanted to use your search engine, or had I wanted to add a new toolbar on my browser, I'll do it MYSELF! Don't sneak these things in the installation process, in hopes that I'll not notice it while endlessly clicking on "yes" over and over. OK, I'll step down from my soapbox now. LOL!

I came home from town, ate dinner and quickly popped the tomato plants in the garden, I'll post some pictures in a few days.

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