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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

A friend of mine recorded this show and played it for me the other day, it is about sugar, fructose and obesity. I have always known that different forms of sugar (anything that ends in "ose") react differently in your body. My younger brother had major problems with ADHD (caused from brain damage at birth), it was difficult growing up with him, my parents tried everything from medication to diet. They learned that if they kept him completely off of sugar, nearly every form of sugar, his behavior was much better, but if he got into the candy, or anything else with sugar, he became a holy terror.

I thought I was through with all of that once I was grown and living away from all of that. Well, turns out I didn't get away completely, my son was also diagnosed with ADHD, I went in with my eyes open about how diet affected behavior. Through a process of elimination, we learned what foods set him off and what foods were OK for him to consume. At that time, fructose was becoming the new sugar alternative, it was said that it didn't affect your body like sugar did, I tried it on my son, it made no difference, he still reacted badly to it. I tried using honey, with the same results. I learned that the sugars that he reacted to were simple sugars, the ones that didn't bother him were complex sugars. I didn't learn this from a book, it was experience. Now this video pretty much explains what I learned during this process, science is finally exploring what different sugars do to the body.

You would be shocked to know how much sugar and fructose is in our foods, the more processed the food is, the more likely it is to contain sugars and fructose. Did you know they even put dextrose in table salt??? Read the label, most "low-fat" or "no fat" foods contain added sugar and fructose as well as tons of sodium, none of this is good for you. It turns out that if you consume 100 calories of plain sugar, it is treated differently by the body, mainly the liver than if you had eaten 100 calories of fructose, you'd think that 100 calories of one sugar would be just the same as another form of sugar, but it's not, and the difference in how they are metabolized by the body are very important to your health.

After watching and listening to this show, I am going to be watching out for fructose in the foods I eat, or choose not to eat. I hope this opens your eyes to what the food industry and the government has done to our foods, to us, it's not a pretty picture.

My food goals:
  • eat closer to the earth
  • eat more of what I personally grow or raise
  • eat fewer processed foods
  • read all labels and choose healthier foods
I have to look at fructose, and high fructose corn syrup as poisons, nothing more, nothing less. I have always refused to consume artificial sweeteners, not only do these taste very bad, they are poisons too. If I'm going to consume something sweet, I'm going to consume the real thing, not some artificially sweetened garbage. I gave up soft drinks many years ago, now I don't care for them at all. I rarely drink sweetened drinks of any sort, I prefer water, maybe with a slice of lemon, or brewed tea, either black or green. I do put a couple of spoons of sugar in my tea, but on occasion if I am very thirsty, I don't even do that.

Don't think I'm a saint, I like junk food as much as anyone else, it's a struggle for me. But if you give up one thing at a time, it's easier to par down your bad food habits. Pick one thing, maybe soft drinks, stop drinking them, choose another drink, water is best. What made me change my drinking habits is I discovered that I was only drinking sodas at work, at home and elsewhere, I drank water, I decided that if I could go without the soda on my days off and when I wasn't at work, I could give them up completely. Now, I don't miss them at all, in fact if I do drink one, it assaults my mouth! It's too strong, too sweet, too tart, too everything, after drinking one now, I feel bad afterward, I feel sluggish, bloated, I'm sure I felt that way every time I drank one, I was just used to feeling that way, yuck!
    Watch this show, yes it's long and yes it's a bit dry and technical, but the information contained within is so important, it's worth watching.

    Tell me what you think after watching/listening to this show.

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    1. Nonsense. Our energy comes from glucose, C6H12O6. The energy is stored in the form of the high energy bond of adenosinetriphosphate, ATP. This metabolic process in our cells needs oxygen, O2.

      Using enzymes, proteins, sugars other than glucose are converted, metabolized, to glucose.

      If we exert 100% we have a stored amount of ATP that will last for 60 seconds. ATP is then replaced, building on ADP.

      Mountain rifleman

    2. Thank you for posting this. I've already started modifying my diet in line with what he said, but without knowing the biochemistry. This is good incentive to make even more changes.

    3. I just found out the other day that I use 44 pounds of sugar a year. That's just in hot tea and coffee.

    4. Wow! Hour and a half!
      I used to drink about 6 Dr Peppers a day. Slowly started keeping bottled water in fridge and now do not drink anything but water.
      Used to drink 3-4 Cups of coffee with sugar and now have cut back to no more than 3 1/2 cups of coffee with REDUCED amount of sugar. Feel better. No scientific basis just feel better.

    5. Most of the sugar from fruit is fructose. Do you think fruit is bad for you? As the first commenter stated all sugar is turned into glucose in your body. In fact all carbohydrates are turned into glucose. It is what powers your body and your brain. ADHD is not caused by or aggravated by sugar. It is a myth, old wives tale, superstition. The video is nothing more then high tech snake oil salesmanship. There is nothing wrong with "eating healthy" but in general all the fad diets and pseudo-scientific advice is not eating healthy. Eat a large variety of food and avoid self-limiting fad diets and you will be eating healthy. Obviously if you have a medical problem that requires a specific diet you should take your doctors advice but if you are healthy then don't limit what you eat especially based on the advice of a quack.

    6. Anonymous, not sure if you didn't watch the whole show, or you weren't paying attention, fructose eaten in the form of fruit is OK because it also contains fiber. Most foods, eaten in their original, unadulterated form, IE fruits, vegetables, meats, are healthier for us to eat, the more processed foods are, the more problems our bodies (and brains) have with it.

      As far as sugar having effects on ADHD, I can only speak from experience, what I saw of my brother while growing up and the testing I did on my own son, there was a major difference in how he reacted when he ate anything with simple sugars, he was considerably more active (climbing the walls active), more "mouthy", displayed more destructive behavior, much the same way someone would act/react to consuming alcohol, that's simply how he reacted to simple sugars. The testing I did was to remove all simple sugars, he behaved like a normal kid, when he would really act out, and I could spot it, I could always go back within 24 hours and discover what he ate that caused the problem, it was usually a new food, a change in the ingredient of something he normally ate or he got something from someone else.

      I can also feel the difference in myself when I eat junk foods vs when I eat more healthy, does that mean I'm following quackery or a fad diet? No, I'm just making better informed decisions about what I put in my mouth.

      No one is saying anything about strange diets, what is strange about eating less processed foods? What is strange about eating healthier? I don't understand what you think is being "sold" here? This video isn't "selling" anything, in fact, if the advice that is given is followed, you will actually spend less money because you will not be buying sodas, sport's drinks, and junk foods, what is so bad about that? Are you saying it's OK to eat those things?

      I don't want to eat GMO foods either, is that quackery too?

      I have to wonder if you work for the fructose industry, or if you work in one of the junk food industries...


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