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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blueberry Twig Update-Update

It would seem that my last email to the Blueberry Giant Twig company did some good, I received 3 more twigs, these were in much better shape than the previous twigs. Each twig had it's own separate clump of semi moist dirt attached, there were several leaves per twig and the leaves looked about double in size compared to the original twigs. Well, I suppose I'm happy enough with the situation, I will definitely be buying real blueberry plants next year, no more ordering from infomercials, not unless I can see it and touch it before I buy.
(UPDATE- only one out of the three plants are still alive, all of them looked just fine, but a day after I replanted them in containers, 2 of them, the leaves dried up and the plants are dead)

I have not always had bad luck with infomercial products, I had 3 different kitchen gadgets that worked out pretty well. The first is called a Turbo Cooker, it's a large, deep frying pan with a large domed lid. My mother gave it to me many years ago, I took it thinking, "Oh boy, this will take up a lot of space and I'll probably not use it..." I took it with a smile on my face, thanking my mother for the nice gift.

When I started using it, I was surprised at how well it actually worked. I did a search online for more recipes and found a busy Yahoo group, I joined and found that the inventor, Chef Randall and the infomercial queen who demonstrated it, Cathy Mitchell were both active members of this group. The group was about a year old then, the owner of the group wanted to step down and offered the group to whoever wanted it, I raised my hand, that has been over 9 years ago now, next year the group will hit the big 10.

Eventually I was asked by Cathy Mitchell to start up a new Yahoo group promoting one of her products, the Xpress 101, this was an electric grill, similar to the George Forman grill, but with a few notable differences. Since that time there has been a second generation unit called the RediSetGo. The improvements were created in part by the input from the Yahoo group. Cathy Mitchell is a very nice and generous lady, she sent me an Xpress 101 as a gift, and when the RediSetGo came out, she sent one of those to me as well.

Let's see, the next As Seen On TV item I purchased was the Pump-n-Seal, this is a non-electric gadget that pumps the air out of jars, it works pretty good. I own a PedEgg for my feet, it's OK. I almost forgot about the Slap & Chop, it's pretty good, but noisy if you do it with gusto like I do... LOL. Can't think of anything else, though I'm sure I probably have a few other items. Now that many stores have an As Seen On TV section, it's much easier to buy (or reject) these gadgets, and much easier to return them if they don't work.

A couple of As Seen On TV items I am interested in buying is Fix It Tape, it's a silicon tape with no sticky layer, it sticks to itself, it's supposed to be able to fix leaky hoses, use in place of electrical tape, it says it works on wet, oily or dirty surfaces, I look for it every time I go into a store that carries As Seen On TV items, so far I haven't seen it, but I'll buy it as soon as I find it.

The other thing I'm interested in is the Big City Slider Station, it cooks mini hamburgers, 5 at a time in just 2 minutes, the local store I go to does carry this, I just haven't been able to convince myself to spend the $$$s yet.

What As Seen On TV items have you purchased? Were you happy with it?

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