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Saturday, June 19, 2010


You can see all of my pix here:

This is an agave that began to bloom, it sent up a huge stalk, some of the pictures look like a giant asparagus! It grew about 6-8 inches per day, we took pictures most days. We estimate it is over 20 feet tall. Unfortunately, when these bloom, they die right after, the plant is slowly dying now, but there are lots of pups (babies) around it.

Click here to view the rest of the agave pix

Here are some current pictures of the Sky Castle. Enjoy!
Click here to view the rest of the Sky Castle pix

These are various scenery pictures of the high desert mountains, PB took some and I took some.
Click here to view the rest of the high desert mountain pix

This is the prototype roller wringer that PB is making for me.
Click here to view the rest of the roller wringer pix

This is Pekoe and PB, enjoying the view.
Click here to view the rest of the Pekoe and PB pix

This is what you don't want to find under the box you just picked up. It's a black tailed rattle snake, also known as a velvet tail rattle snake. This one was about 2 feet long. PB had been moving boxes out of the shed, the snake was under one box, the only reason PB didn't get bit was because the snake was still cold, it didn't even rattle. Unfortunately PB had to dispatch it, we had no good (safe) way of moving it, there was too much of a chance of it slithering away under other boxes in the shed. CraftyCountryMomma, you might want to skip this set of pix. :)
Click here to view the rest of the snake pix

You can see more pix here

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  1. Thanks for all the pictures. Your place is great, it looks so beautiful and peaceful.

  2. I love the pics thanks a bunch. What amazing gorgeous views you have. Looks peaceful. Michelle

  3. Yikes! I would have dispatched the rattlesnake too!

    Thanks for the pics! I like the sky castle!


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