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Monday, June 21, 2010

Women Living Off Grid

I am trying sooooo hard not to be paranoid about the various ABC government agencies visiting my blog, I'm NOT doing anything wrong, and yet they continue to visit, I have ignored them for the most part, not posting anything about their visits, then I saw this on my tracker today, I almost missed it, it made me smile, then giggle...

...so why do you suppose someone from the Dept of Homeland Security would be doing a Google search for "WOMEN website for living off the grid"? What, they don't have anything better to do? Click to view full size.

Women are now a threat to national security?
Women living off grid are a threat to national security?
No wait, is it WOMEN with websites about living off grid that are a threat to national security?

It stands to reason that women who are willing to live off grid, poop in buckets, heat with wood and such are strong and a force to be reckoned with, here is a poem I found about strong women:

Strong women are those who know
the road ahead will be strewn with
obstacles, but they still choose to walk
it because it's the right one for them.
Strong women are those who make
mistakes, who admit to them, learn
from those failures, and then use
that knowledge.

Strong women are easily hurt, but
they still extend their hearts and
hands, knowing the risk and
accepting the pain when it comes.

Strong women are sometimes beat
down by life, but they still stand
back up and step forward again.

Strong women are afraid. They
face fear and move ahead to the
future, as uncertain as it can be.

Strong women are not those who
succeed the first time. They're the
ones who fail time and again, but
still keep trying until they succeed.

Strong women face the daily trials
of life, sometimes with a tear, but
always with their heads held high
as the new day dawns.

Brenda Hager

W:- Works for family to make them happy for whole life
O:-  Ordinary mind but extraordinary management
M:- Mother of child , role model for kids
A:-  Active, Attractive and intelligent in every field of world
N:-  Not only care taker but strength of whole family.

Here are some random pictures I found on the net showing strong women, be afraid, be very afraid...

This is by no means an exhaustive list of strong women, there are hundreds and thousands of famous, infamous and unknown strong women, I am proud, honored and humbled to add my picture to this list. :)

One of the strongest women I knew is my mother, today (June 21) was her birthday, she has been gone for many years now, but she instilled a great deal of strength in me, it's fitting that this happened today. Thanks Mom! Miss you much! 

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  1. Any concern with government and women should be met with a visit to WendyMcElroy.com.. Wendy is the leader in women's rights, individualism, and ethics... A truly great person in her own right who deserves our respect...


  2. Thinking of you and your mother ... I admire strong women, and would dearly love to be honored with that description some day.

    As far as self-sufficient women being a threat to homeland security ... that amuses, confuses, frightens, and pisses me off.

  3. ok Wreatha, take a breath and relax! You absolutely do nothing wrong in your blog and should have nothing to worry about. In some states, DHS also refers to the state's Dept. of Human Services (frequently where women go for help in a crisis). It also may just be a worker (or client if it IS Human Services) looking for something that interests them. I get visits from strange places all the time...it would drive me nuts if I worried about it. Enjoy what you do and keep doing it.
    Nice write up about women by the way.

  4. Holy cow, you should send this info to alex jones so other's can watch their sites. Atleast more would find out. I think I might save my poop buckets incase they came for a visit, But I am biotchy that way lol. Your awesome, What you have done I want and strive for, Keep it up Strong woman!!!! Michelle

  5. There is always the chance that these visits come from employees spending company time surfing around for topics of personal interest. Maybe that search came from a woman so tired of working for DHS that she is thinking about leaving the race altogether.

  6. Alternatively, it could be a woman working at DHS that is sick of it, or is afraid for the future and wants to learn more about how to live off grid and is looking for inspiration.

  7. ~mc~, you are counted as a strong women, you are a Mom! And amen to the second part.

    HerbalPagan, I'm not really upset by this visit, a bit perplexed maybe... look again, it IS from the Dept of Homeland Security, I get visits from about 6 (or more) different DHS offices (different cities and states), most only visit once or twice, some come back time and time again.

    frugalredneck LOL!

    jimmycrackedcorn and nycjeff, one can only hope!

  8. Wretha you are doing a great job, the Government just has to much time on their hands & has nothing better to do. I know I have learned alot from your Blog & have shared it so many times with other Bloggers & FB Friends & they have enjoyed your site too. I wouldn`t worried, like you said you did find it pretty funny just keep laughing at them.

  9. You are a strong woman,we are many and Big Brother SHOULD be afraid! We aren't going to sit passively as has been expected of us for generations while they *F* things up. And seriously? YOu run a clean ship here, nothing to worry about at all. I've said before and i'll say it again: Keep up the good work!!

  10. Wretha, nice post. And happy birthday to your Mom. I'm sorry that she's not with you anymore. My late father's birthday was June 20, Father's day this year. Don't worry about the ABC folks. They just want to know how it's done so they can do it themselves.

  11. To reinforce what Herbalpagan, jimmycrackedcorn and nycjeff stated it is probably some employee checking things out. I've worked on contracts at the state and city levels of government and the amount of time people spend surfing for personal reasons is in some cases, significant. The sad part is these people do not see how the work they do is working hard to stifle the lifestyle they yearn for.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and hopefully you don't mind a man dropping in from time to time to boost the testosterone levels here.

  12. I have always enjoyed your posts, and haven't found them to be threatening to anyone. cept maybe those who want people to become consumers and robots. Maybe they don't want anyone to know how to get out of debt and live with reasonable security.

    I think the government has just gotten too big and has way too many people looking at everything and all types of blogs, so they wont get caught with their pants down. Now days if sometime happens, some other group will write how there were tell tale signs that it was going to happen then they roast the government for not stopping it before hand. So I think the Gov,(big brother) has people looking at lots and lots of stuff and spend lots and lots of Tax Payer money needlessly just to CYA.

  13. Just a guess, but several local DHS sites probably have automated systems that check websites for key words. I would assume that's what this is. webcrawler bots are an overall pain. But I wouldn't worry about it.

  14. I missed this post. It is awesome!!! Yes, strong women rule!!!!

  15. I think as a rule, society gets upset about anyone living off the grid. I noticed they put the old man on the hill in a nursing home because they could not change him. They bought him an oil furnace, he sold parts, and the sold the oil. They put running water in his home, he still went out to the outhouse. They put an electric oven, he still cooked on his wood stove. I'm only looking because I'm sick of running a transformer to my home, sucking off the electrical grid, and expanding my environment footprint for no good reason.


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