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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crochet Project Number 2 and 3

You have already seen some of my yarn work, the hats I made on the knitting loom, now I'm working on a pair of fold down slippers for PB, these are going pretty fast, I made the soles last night, I'm having to guesstimate the pattern, the videos I'm following are for a ladies size 6-7, definitely not PBs size. I made one sole using a larger crochet hook but otherwise following the pattern, it would have fit me perfectly, but that let me know how many extra stitches I would have to add to make it fit PB.

Now I'm starting the upper part of the slippers. With this pattern, everything is going pretty fast, that's one of the things I didn't like about yarn work when I was a kid, perhaps now I have more patience, or perhaps I enjoy the zen like qualities of working on projects. Either way, I enjoy it now, especially since I'm learning all of these new stitches, the latest stitch I learned was using the back loop, I'm in the process of finishing the convertible hat I told you about before, I'm kinda stuck on the stitching it together part, I don't like how it is going together, so I decided to put it aside for a bit while I work on the slippers. The next stitch I want to learn is how to do cables. Usually when you see cables you think knitting, not crocheting. I've been getting a lot of help from YouTube, I do better with videos than I do with written patterns, that is probably because I'm still a bit of a novice when it comes to crocheting. Once I see it demonstrated, then I can follow the written pattern.

Oh that reminds me, I have a link to a free ebook that has 8 crocheted hats, it looks like some good patterns, here's the link: http://crochetme.com/Crochet-Hat-Patterns/ I'm signed up with them to get their newsletter, I like them because they have free patterns, lots of them. If you don't crochet, I'm sure you know someone who does, pass this along if you want to. :)

OK, I finished PB's slippers, they turned out pretty well, I ended up deviating from the pattern (I cook the same way LOL),  PB decided that he wanted more of a loafer look, so I made it shorter than the original pattern. The first slipper, I made and frogged several times before I got it the way I wanted it, the second one went much faster. PB tried them on and loves them, but doesn't want to wear them because he is afraid he will get stuff on/in them, he wants to add leather to the slippers, mainly on the sole, for protection. I'll post pix of his slippers soon.

I have started on my slippers, these are more of a boot style than a slipper style, I am already deviating from the pattern, I want the boots to open in the front instead of the back.

I finally finished my crochet boots, I really like them, though I know how I am going to change them on the next pair, if you notice on the back part there is ribbing, this ribbing goes all the way around and under the heel, I am going to not do the ribbing on the foot part, just on the top part of the boot. I feel the ribbing under my feet as I walk, it's not a major thing, but I feel it enough that I will change it up next set. I might also consider not having the boot opening up the front (or back) at all, the boot is stretchy enough to go on and off just fine. Now I have to figure out what colors I want to use on the next pair. :)

You'll notice the boots have a slightly different pattern on the foot part, I used the same yarn and same color but with this pattern you use 2 strands of yarn, this was camouflage color and it was variegated, it made one look striped and the other look blocked, it's just the way the yarn colors came together.
 Please ignore the floor, yes I need to vacuum.

I will be making the next pair with no ribbing on the bottom part, only on the top part of the boot, from the ankle up.

The cuff can be worn up or down.

Now that PB has seen my boots, he wants a pair, I guess the next one I make will be for him. :)

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  1. Great slipper/boots! I need to make a couple of pair. I haven't crocheted in forever, though.

  2. Thanks desert rose, in some ways I'm a newbie even though I learned when I was a kid, I wasn't interested then, so I'm picking up where I left off then.

    This isn't a difficult pattern at all, it looks complicated but it's not. If you know how to single crochet stitch, decrease stitches and stitching in the back loop (that is what makes the ribbing), you can do these. Just follow along with the video, now that I have made one with the video, I can make more without much thought, I'm not particularly talented in crochet, but with the videos it's much easier.

    BTW these go really fast too!


  3. I wear a size 8! I have limited skills in the yarn area..They look great!

  4. Hehehe frann, I'm also a size 8, believe it or not I also have limited yarn skills, I'm learning something new on each project, this is why I am so thankful about learning with YouTube videos, it's so much easier to learn and do when I can see how it's done. :)

    Besides, I already have 3 more pairs to make as of right now, LOL!

    Thanks, I'm glad you like the looks of the boots.


  5. Oh boy, I wear a size 9 and would be proud to buy a pair from you. You make it sound easy but I know better. Ed

  6. Thanks Ed, I'm not quite ready to go into production yet... :)



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