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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Love Trading

PB fixed one of these for a friend:

And we got one of these from that friend:
One of our friends out here, we'll call her S, she was having trouble with her electric chainsaw, the chain wouldn't fit right even though it was the proper size, PB and I went over after church on Sunday to see what could be done with said chainsaw.

While PB was fiddling with the chainsaw, I remembered a conversation I had with S last summer, we were discussing my redneck washing machine, she mentioned that she had one by Lehman's, complete with the rollers, she said that she didn't use hers, I asked if she would be willing to sell hers and she said yes. The problem was she wouldn't quote me a price, I don't know why she wouldn't do it, but she wouldn't, she wanted me to make an offer. I think it's a thing about being friends, neither wants to offend the other so we played this game ever since.

So while PB was deciding that he needed to take the bar from the chainsaw home to drill a hole in it, I remembered about the washing machine and asked S if I could see it. She promptly took us to where it was being stored and there it was, practically brand new, she had never used it, or if she had, it was barely used. I made the comment (in jest) that I had been trying to get S to quote me a price on it and she wouldn't, so S popped up and said that if PB fixes her chainsaw, we could have the washing machine. I just about fell over!

So now, S has a working chainsaw and we have a hand washing machine that I have been wanting for quite some time. Just in case you might think that was an unfair trade, to get that chainsaw worked on or to get a replacement chainsaw, S would have to drive 3 hours out and 3 hours back, pay for the work or pay to get a new one, so yes, it was a good deal for everyone, though I will admit that I feel like we got the better end of that deal. Of course, we do help S when she needs it, just like we do for most anyone else out here. :)

The washing machine is smaller than I thought it would be, I pictured something the size of a 55 gallon barrel cut in half, this is more like a 30 gallon barrel cut in half, being smaller is good though, it will take less water. I haven't had a chance to give it a try yet, I will soon though. Thanks S!

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  1. Wow, great deal. Trading/bartering makes so much sense.

  2. I'm with you, I think you might have gotten the better end of the deal. But really, it's all in the way you look at things.That's what makes bartering such a great deal. Everyone gets what they want/need from the transaction!
    I would love to have one of those machines though! I'm still looking for a wringer for my redneck washer.

  3. I never met you yet. so Ill just come right out and say. I'll give u 5 bucks for that machine! a crisp 5 dollar bill right here come and get it.

    come on , I really want one of those

  4. I thought about getting one of those Lehman "machines", but I figured my wife would think I was trying to tell her something! (Or would think I intended for HER to use it!)

  5. Personally, after using it, I wouldn't pay full retail price for it, it works fine, but it's not worth the asking price, at least for the main part of the unit, now for the wringer rollers, they are worth their weight in gold. I'll do a writeup on it soon... don't spend your $$$ on one yet.


  6. I'm think'in a 30 or 55 gallon barrel suspended between two trees. The barrel tied on the ends and a quarter to half full of clothes and water. Then swing the barrel long ways back and forth. The water and clothes would swish from end to end of the barrel.

    There is another company that makes those washers with a plastic tub and totally enclosed instead of steel for about $500.


  7. Love it Wretha!!! I'd love to get me one of those washers/wringers, but mostly the wringer!!! Sorry I've been MIA for awhile...had a really rough year but have been trying to catch up on everyone and my blog! Still trying to get caught up on all I missed here! :)


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