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Monday, February 28, 2011

Taxes, done...

I just filed my taxes, this year was much simpler than last year, and last year was pretty simple, anyhoo, without giving away TMI, I have filed with TurboTax in the past, I used the free form, but for some reason this year, it kept bumping me from the free to the deluxe, that's a step above their first tier pay service, I believe they were trying to charge me about $30, the first tier is only $20, but either way I should have qualified for the free one, I have a very VERY simple return. No matter what I did, it wouldn't allow me to do the free one or even downgrade to the first tier, so I deleted my info and hopped over to H&R Block, it took me all of 5 minutes to fill in my info and process the return.

My only complaint about them is after you file, they pop you into this screen that asks for permission for something, it looks all official, it appears very similar to something over at TurboTax that is required for them to process your return. It turned out that what they were asking me to sign was permission to give my info to 3rd parties for marketing purposes, things like credit card companies and financial services. It wasn't until I got to the bottom of the page did I read that this wasn't required for my tax return, I quickly went back and deleted my info and clicked on "I disagree", they sent me to 2 more pages like that, then took me to a page asking me for my opinion of the site, how easy it was and such. I would have given them a top review except for the last part, I wonder how many people are fooled into thinking they need to fill in the form giving consent, thinking they are giving consent relating to their tax return when in reality they are telling H&R Block to share their personal info with 3rd party financial institutions? I told 'em about it too, they ask what it would take to give them a better score, I gave them an 8 out of 10 on everything, they would have gotten 10s if it weren't for their little stunt at the end.

I used to get pre-approved credit apps in the mail all the time, heck one credit card company sent me a real card with a $5000 credit limit (unrequested), that scared me, what if that card had gotten lost or stolen before it showed up in my mailbox? I would have never even known about it until it showed up on my credit report later... I did some research and found a way to stop all of those pre-approved credit apps from being sent, go to this site https://www.optoutprescreen.com and fill it out, I did it and it stopped all of it. Don't have any credit cards, don't want any credit cards, they are too risky, it's too tempting to use them, better to go without.

Now, here's hoping that the fed doesn't have to print up some play money for my return. I asked for a direct deposit on my return, nothing personal against my mail carrier, she is nice, but things happen, I am always getting someone elses mail, and other people get mine, since I live in such a small community, it usually gets resolved in short order, BUT, I did find my W2 form in my friend's mailbox, her box is 2 above mine, we were there at the same time, fortunately she looked at her mail before we left and handed me my mail.

I noticed a new "credit" on my return, I know about earned income credit, that's for low income people (that's me), now they have one called a "make work" credit, I still don't understand what that is all about, I did my own work, I didn't need the government to make a job for me, but it seems that I qualify for whatever reason, so I got it.

Now I wait to see if uncle big brother accepts my return, then I wait for the money to appear.

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