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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mosaic Scarf Pictures

For anyone who had trouble with the video or just want to see more of this crocheted scarf, here are a few pictures, I have misplaced my camera so I had to make do with the web cam on my laptop, I even went outside on the second and third picture to get better light :)

This is done with the mosaic crochet method, I used 2 colors in Caron Simply Soft, one is a soft gray, the other is a medium blue, this is done with a single crochet stitch, I did a long I drop on every 5th stitch, once I completed the main part of the body, I added a slightly ruffled border in the gray. On the first row, I didn't use a chain stitch, I used the chainless foundation, it makes the first row just as stretchy as the last, you can find chainless foundation on YouTube.

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  1. Very pretty, I really want to learn how to crochet so I will start watching youtube videos. I love your blog, and off-grid stories.

  2. Thanks Lauraly, crocheting is not difficult at all, especially with all the video tutorials on YouTube, that's the way I learn best, by watching... glad you enjoy my blog, I love writing it. :)



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