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Friday, October 28, 2011

Thrift Shop Deals

I am amazed at the items and deals I run across from time to time, yesterday I was in town, on the way home, my friend and I stopped at a local thrift shop to drop off some clothes, we drove to the back of the building and I spotted something that had a wringer attachment on the top, other than that, I had no idea what this thing was.

I hopped out to look at it, it appears to be some sort of washing machine, it's a Hoover and is clearly marketed for Mexico (based on the Mexican language on the label). It does plug up to electricity, apparently you fill it manually with water and laundry soap, it agitates the clothes, then it drains, I'm hoping it's a gravity drain and doesn't require the motor to pump the water out.

I went in the thrift shop and asked about it, they didn't know what it was except that it appears to be a washing machine, they hadn't brought it in yet and hadn't cleaned it up yet. First the lady quoted $12, I didn't respond to the dollar figure, we just kept talking about the machine, then she said how about $10? SOLD! Another couple of friends of mine were inside the shop, I asked D if he would load the machine into my friend's truck, I paid and just like that, it was mine.

I am still looking up info on this, it appears to be rather old, it does have wheels on the bottom, and other than needing a bit of cleanup, it appears to be in pretty good shape, if nothing else, I can use it just for the wringer, and I can use it inside the skycastle.

The knob on the front is a timer, I haven't been able to read the model number on the label very well, I think it says 4005.

Here are a few pix


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  1. that's pretty awesome find for 10 bucks....way to go!!

  2. Jackie Clay has a great "Wash Day" article about these type wringer washers at BWH http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles2/clay130.html

  3. Wretha, I love it! I have never seen one like it. From your pictures, It has a drain hose that hangs over a drain or wash tub. This would mean that it will pump the water out. It has a water sprayer like a dish washer, and that could be used to set a wash board in and lightly wash delicate items with the sprayer on. It does not have a agatator, so maybe it is for delicates only. I think that it was made to be used that way with a wash board. That would have been popular a generation ago in Central America. That is my guess only. Like I say I've never seen one. Great find, especially for your nitting stuff.

  4. That's the coolest thing ever! Great find. Hope you find out everything about it that you can and then I want to see a video of it in use later ;)

  5. Looks like you done good, girl! Like you say, if nothing else, the wringer will come in handy!

    Like you, I would have jumped on it!

  6. Thanks everyone, it really was a good find! PB is working on it, he removed the motor and will make it drain from the bottom. I'll write more about it later...


  7. I've seen plenty in England when I lived there many years ago ('80's). But I have not seen one with a wringer.

  8. Thanks 2Dogs, that was really eye opening, I didn't think it would do much in the way of getting the clothes clean, but clearly it does work... I still won't use it that way though, PB already took out the motor, it was a big ball of rust anyhow, we don't even know if it works... I planned on mainly using it for rinse water, I'll continue manually washing and rinsing the clothes, and of course the wringer is invaluable.



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