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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh Know, What Now...

Well it seems that we have a new member of the family. This wasn't what either of us wanted but life had other ideas... I wanted to get a female long hair chihuahua later this spring or summer, and I still might do it.

This afternoon, PB went to one of our friend's house up the street to help him with some tires. I stayed home in anticipation of going over to my friend's house, the lady I am a caretaker for. I was talking to my friend on the phone when PB got back, as he was coming up the stairs to the front door, he was talking baby/puppy talk to something at the bottom of the steps, he was trying to get whatever this was to come up the steps into the sky castle. I hung up and went to the door to see what was going on. There were two small dogs running around at the bottom of the steps.

It turned out that the friend PB went to help had some dogs from a family member who was moving and couldn't take the dogs, they were at risk of going to a shelter and being euthanized (in another town). PB decided he would take them instead. We were told that they were both puppies, well, one of them is definitely a puppy, white with black spots and rambunctious as they come, she peed on the floor at least 5-6 times in the first hour. The other dog is supposed to be a puppy too, but I suspect she is quite a bit older than a puppy, perhaps 3-5 years old, though I could be entirely wrong, she might be younger but I doubt it, she is a lot calmer, didn't pee all over the place, I called our friend and told him we MIGHT keep the calm one, but the other one had to go. We did wash both of them, they needed it so bad, they stunk very badly, mostly of urine and dirt. I had to wash both of them 2X, and even though I've washed them and they smell so much better, they still have an odor, I'll have to wash the one we kept again in a day or two.

So now it's just the one dog, she appears to be a maltese-terrier mix, white with ginger/cinnamon on her rump and ears and a little dark area around one eye, her ears are half erect, docked tail and longish hair. She seems to be in pretty good shape, she does need to put on a little weight, but her stance is good, she walks good, has good teeth and best of all, she doesn't seem to be a barker, in fact I have only heard her growl once, and squeak a couple of times.

Both of these dogs have been kept in a kennel/cage most of their lives, they clearly have never worn a collar or used a leash, never mind being potty trained... I think this dog is a pretty good match for us, we will keep her at least until Monday and see how things go. I'm sure the white and black puppy will most likely end up in our local animal shelter, fortunately that one is a no-kill shelter. If the one we kept turns out to not be a good match, (and so far it looks like it might be), then she will have to go to the shelter with the other dog. But for now, she seems to be a pretty good fit for us, very calm, no barking, and I'm sure we can potty train her.

She has really attached herself to PB, he is taking her out with him each time he goes out, and she is already figuring out when he is about to go out. We worried that we would have to keep her on a leash, at least for a while when we take her out, she wanted to leave the first two times she was outside without a leash. When I took her out on a leash, she clearly hadn't used one before, but was much better with it than the other dog. She is a lot more calm now that the other dog is gone too. She is still a bit apprehensive, her life has taken a big turn and she still isn't sure what is going on, but she has eaten, and is drinking from a water bowl just fine, while she isn't exactly what I wanted in a dog, being a calm dog is going a long way toward making me want to keep her.

We haven't named her yet, I was thinking something like Ginger or Cinnamon because of her coloring, I even thought of Cinnabun (or Cinnabutt, or Cinnabum) because of the cinnamon color of her hind end. :)

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  1. Awww she is cute. I hope everything works out for ya. It would be sweet for each of you to have a little doggie. Hoping we can come visit for a week after summer school has ended.

  2. she's adorable! they say it takes about a week for a dog to really start showing it's personality. Hope she works out for you!


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