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Monday, March 19, 2012

Dog and Tea

Little Zoe is really fitting right in, she is starting to learn that potty means outside, not inside, I thought that overnight would be the hardest, but it seems that now she comes in and wakes me up, just at day break (!) and squeaks at me, I get up, she helps me put on my shoes and robe then waits for me to open the door. She goes right out and does her business, and seems happy enough to come back in when she is done... at that point I promptly remove my shoes and robe and hop right back into bed. I suppose it isn't going to kill me to get up early from now on... sigh...

Now if I could only get her to understand that her bed isn't the alternate potty spot... we are still working on that. PB takes her bed outside in the morning so she doesn't have access to it, she only gets it at night, hopefully late enough to not have any accidents...

Tonight it's pretty windy, she doesn't understand wind caused noises, fortunately she isn't a barky dog, unless she hears something outside, then for a short period, she barks. I don't mind her barking if she thinks someone or something is outside, so I don't get on to her very much... she will just have to learn which noises are normal and which ones need barking at. :)

Yes, there are over 20 boxes of tea in that drawer...
Today, well yesterday now, I decided my tea stash wasn't much of a stash if it was stacked up on a shelf at eye level where everyone could see it, so I decided to stash it in a drawer. I had to rearrange the contents of a few drawers, but I finally got one of the bigger drawers cleared out, the tea fit perfectly inside, I can see what I have and what I'm out of.
Oh yeah, I had a helper too, Zoe inspected the job to make sure the tea stash was up to snuff, or should I say sniff? She gave it one and a half paws up, it would have been more but she decided that when I close the drawer, she can't get to it anymore, so that was the best she could give me.

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  1. Zoe sure is a cutie!

    I noticed that you're in the far west Texas desert. My wife and I are planning to move to the Cornudas area in the next couple years.

    I really look forward to digging into your blog, since we also plan to live off grid!


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