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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

RIP Boxman

I just found out a little while ago that a dear friend passed in his sleep late last night/early this morning...

When we first moved out here, we didn't know very many people, but we met a lot of the residents out here, or at least saw them, not knowing many of their names, we gave some of them nicknames so we would know who we were talking about in later conversations. There was a house we passed when we left and came home, there were stacks of boxes in one of the bedroom windows, so we named the man who lived there Boxman, it stuck and a few other residents out here also called him Boxman, later when I genuinely met him, I learned his name was Jim (no last names here without permission).

We really got to know him when we started going to church, he was a regular there. Boxman turned out to be a really good friend, he would do anything to help, he was very generous with his time and energy. Another thing he was really known for was his appetite, that man could eat like no other. :)

A couple of years later, he was diagnosed with cancer, I have to say that didn't slow him down a bit, even though chemo treatments and other medicines that made him so sick, he still participated in church and with the community. A few weeks ago when we had the fire near another neighbor, I had gone to his house to let him know that they might have to get out, to be ready, when PB and I got back to the fire to help, Boxman showed up and helped work on the hotspots, no matter how many people told him to go home, he refused, staying, moving brush, stomping hotspots, lugging buckets of water...

The last couple of months has been particularly hard on him and his wife, he really began to feel the effects of the cancer and the treatments, he finally lost his appetite, and last night he lost the struggle with life on this earth. Fortunately he had a really strong relationship with the Lord, there is no doubt in anyone's mind where he is right now, we miss you Boxman, but we know we will see you again on the other side.

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  1. Always sad to lose a friend!

    Seems to be an increasingly large shortage of good folks around anymore!

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your Dear Friend, please pass on my condolences to his Family & they are all in my Prayers.

  3. Sad that we won't see him again here, but glad that we will see him in heaven and that he has no more pain and suffering. Also on a sad note Mary- dad's next door neighbor of 37 years passed into eternity on Friday night (the 16th). A blood vessel burst in her lung- many years of smoking caught up to her.


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