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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Easier Internet Privacy

Thanks you A Big Fan Of for this info.

OK, this is the best I have found yet for personal (internet tracking) protection, as well as being the easiest! Go here, do this:


It uses 3 components,
  • Firefox (I use this and prefer it).
  • Adblock Plus (an add-on for Firefox).
  • The little red button on the previously mentioned link/page.
The red button is an automatic subscription to a list of trackers to be blocked, it's pretty comprehensive, and it includes Feedjit, my personal nemesis of a tracker. 

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  1. I get a fatal error when I try to visit their site. Seems their whole site is down as I write this.

  2. I did too, hmmmm, I was just there a short time ago and everything was working, try again in a bit.

  3. I checked it earlier and the site was working, I just checked again and it's down again, all I can say is keep trying, it's worth it.

  4. how do you know if you are being tracked? I have been using avast for a long time now and dont have any computer problems to speak of. I dont know much about this kind of thing.

  5. OGT, I'm not being tracked like you think, it's not personal, it's a tracker program that many bloggers use to see who has visited their blog, how they got there (if they used a search engine, used a link from another site...), I even use one. I have no problem with webmasters or blogmasters using trackers, as long as the information remains relatively private.

    What I object to is one called Feedjit, what Feedjit does is if you visit a site that uses Feedjit, it show a list of the last 10 visitors' town names on the webpage. If you live in a large town, it's pretty safe, but if you live in a very small town, then that's when it becomes an issue, at least for me it is. It would be as if you went to the mall, and over the door of each store that you walked in and out of, it showed to the world the town where you live, the last store you were in and the next store you went to. This would give a potential stalker all the info they needed to find you.

    Feedjit, the company does give you a way to block their program from listing you, at least on the site you were just on, the problem is the info about your town is already listed until it rolls off the screen (ie 10 other people visit after you), it then blocks your visit from their program the next time you visit that same site, if you visit another blog or website that uses Feedjit, your town name is listed again, you have to block each site individually AFTER THE FACT. I want to be able to block it globally.

    Again, I have no problem with web trackers, I use one, but the information is private, it is not listed on my blog for everyone to see. I have tried in vain to get Feedjit to make it possible to block that program from working period, they don't respond to me. So until they come to their senses, I will do everything in my power to stop their program from running when I visit a site or blog that uses it.

    I am not paranoid, it's not being paranoid if they are really after you right? Just kidding, the deal is, I live in a very VERY tiny community, because of this blog, part of my life is very public, there are those few psycho stalkers who would take it as a challenge to find the person they are following on the net, I'm not comparing myself to a celebrity, but when one is in the public eye, people think that since they feel like they know you, it's ok to try to get closer, to meet the person. I just don't want someone, anyone showing up on my doorstep, "Hi, I saw you on the internet and I just wanted to meet you in person...". Chances are they would be harmless, I just don't want to have to find out. So I keep my exact location, town names and such as private as possible. I'm not as trusting as John Wells is, I don't want people coming by, uninvited, for impromptu tours.

    Yes, it does bother me when I see my town name, where I came from and where I went after that plastered on a website, for everyone to see just because I visited their site.

    Hope you understand.



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