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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

This photo was taken by myself on October 22,2006.

Here is wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a very safe and happy New Year!

It's been kinda slow around here, nothing much has been going on. The weather has been nice, cold at night, warmish during the day (as long as the sun is shining). Yesterday started out warm and sunny, then the clouds rolled in, the temps dropped from 47 degrees F to 32 degrees F in just about an hour. With it came the snow, what started out as a few drops of rain became blizzard like. The wind was blowing the snow sideways, we could not see past the closest trees much less see the mountains around us. It went on like that for the rest of the day and into the night. Last night was a snuggle up, drinking lots of hot cocoa and coffee, sitting around the wood stove night. I can understand why, in the past, so many babies were born in the summer, when you have long cold nights, with nothing else to do but snuggle up with your spouse under the covers, yeah I can appreciate all those babies being born the following summer. :)

So I wish you long nights snuggling under the covers with your partner, wives with your husband, husbands with your wife, keep warm, keep safe, have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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  1. Merry Christmas Wretha (and Bob)! Enjoy the snuggling and the snow and have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Merry Christmas Wretha.
    Happy new year.
    May your new year bring you health,
    prosperity and abundance in good

  3. Hi Wretha! Merry Christmas to you! My goal for 2010 is to keep up on reading the blogs I follow... I've not done a very good job this year! Look for me here & stay tuned to MiracleMountain as things should be getting interesting this spring/summer!

  4. PS.... the guy at Bear Ridge Project... is my neighbor!

  5. Marcy, great job and congrats on actually going off grid! Having the Bear Ridge Project guy as a neighbor is a good thing, it always helps to have someone to go to when you have questions or need help with something.

    Don't forget, we are just an email or comment away if you have any questions about things, chances are if you are about to go through it, we already have, or at least something similar enough that we can offer some advice.

    It's great that you are documenting your start too, it makes for good reading, especially when you are feeling glum about something and need some reminders as to how far you have come. :)

  6. Hi Wretha! Merry Christmas/Happy New Year! I'm listening to the broadcast as I write this. Great show, lots of encouragement, lots of useful info. Take care and lots of lovely snuggly warm nights ahead for you and Mountain Man Bob.

  7. Thanks G, hope everything is going well for you too, how about that snow! I hope you had fun and didn't have to drive around in it. :) Got more coming on Tuesday according to the weather witchers.

  8. Sounds like heaven to me. You and yours should have a great holidays and enjoy all that you will. You are inspiring!


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