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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Pop yourself over to my Off Grid On The Cheap blog to watch some PB Bobage in action.

Click here: http://offgridonthecheap.blogspot.com/2010/03/bobage.html

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  1. It is like watching a slide show seeing how PB made your solar clothes dryer. If we had lived on a mountain top I am sure my Dad would have made one very close looking. Since we lived on the flat, we had multiple lines in the back yard. The lines were also where we hung chickens by their feet after there necks were rung. Once a week 100 chickens hanging on the line. And of course all of them had to be plucked by hand. This was during WWII.

  2. TexasMan, 100 chickens??? Ya'll must have had a big family or lots of people to feed!

  3. It was easier to process 100 bitties each week till they were 8 weeks old and we shared with our next door neighbor's family.

    After eating chicken for several years [sometimes 3 meals a day], when someone asked me over for Sunday lunch I always asked what they were having. If they replied "fried chicken of course", I declined and said I ate chicken every day!

    It took a while for me to get back to where I could eat chicken.

    You should have seen our set up. Imagine an 8' box divided into 4 sections on legs in the center of a larger square divided into 4 areas. With gates from one to the other in both. We slaughtered 100 chickens from section 8 at the end of 8th week, moved chickens from the 7th to the 8th area, 6th to the 7th area, and so on and added 100 new bitties in the 1st area. We had automatic waterers and feeders for all areas.

    We would keep a few laying hens in another coop made with lathe and plaster! My neighbor was a lathe and plaster guy!

    It was a very efficient operation. We would cut up chickens and wrap in packages of legs [my sisters favorite], thighs [mine and my Mother's favorite], breast [my Dad's favorite], necks, gizzards and livers, and last feet. No one wanted the head and beak.

    We washed and cleaned the feathers and never ran out of feather pillows and comforters. We put down in a separate bag for really nice down comforters.


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