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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sh*ttin' In Buckets

I love watching Travis and Jonathan, also known as Red State Update on YouTube, yup, I love redneck humor. This one hits pretty close to home for us, so... are they making fun of PB and I? LOL!

Warning, adult redneck language and toilet humor, if you are easily offended, don't fuss at me if you go ahead and press the play button.

Speaking of buttons, I can't believe how hard it has been to find buttons around here, I am looking specifically for large, flat buttons to use on a mp3 case that I'm knitting, that's all I need to finish this case/carrier.

I thought I could go to the local (that's relative BTW) Alco store last week, they have a nice sewing section, they sell fabric by the yard and lots of sewing paraphernalia, I fully expected to find buttons for sale there. Well, it wasn't to be, the funny thing is the looks I received when I asked if they sold buttons, you'd think I was asking for something foreign.

Today, I went to town, the thrift store had all their clothes on sale, 25¢ each! I figured I could find some clothes with good buttons there, I didn't mind paying a quarter for a piece of clothing that I didn't intend to wear. I found 3 items with the size and color of buttons for what I wanted to do, though I really hate tossing out perfectly good clothes after ripping the buttons off of them, I'll probably keep them around for something, might make something else out of them, a pillow, or use it for patching clothes, that should appease my inner frug for now.

I couldn't believe how busy the thrift store was, on a Wednesday in the middle of the day, it was the only place in town with a lot of cars parked in front, we had to park out back. One guy in the store purchased $15 worth of clothes, he had a huge pile of clothes, you do the math! LOL.

I ripped the buttons off of 2 of the 3 items of clothing I purchased, the third thing is a cute denim skirt, I think it may fit me, so for now, I'll hold off on that one. I'll post pictures of my finished knitting projects soon, I promise.

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  1. I LOVE thrift stores and buy almost everything I own at them, especially when they have sales! .25 for a piece of clothings is a fabulous price, especially for things like jeans.

    I am surprised you couldn't find buttons in the sewing area. Odd that.

  2. Hi wretha, I love the thrift stores and garage sales. Here is a few tips on what to do with those old clothes, Lap Quilts, Braided Rag Rugs, Pot Holders out of the Jeans, and so much more. I have done all obove except the quilt and thats my spring and summer projects.

  3. Thanks Sheryl, I love shopping at thrift stores.

    Wow craftycountrymomma, those are some great ideas, I might incorporate the denim into something I knit, maybe as one side of a potholder...

  4. My wife can't pass a thrift store or garage sale (especially in more well to do neighborhood). All clothes or material she can't use goes to her mother and sister to make lap blankets for veterans at the VA hospital.
    I'll ask if they are keeping any buttons and let you know.

  5. Thanks TexasMan, I'll bet those frugal ladies do save buttons. :)


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