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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Friends I Have Never Met

Part of my daily internet activities is to see who is visiting me (my blog). Over these last few years, I've noticed the same "names" over and over, I have come to think of these in a fond way, much like old friends coming by for a cup of tea and a chat. Some visit once a day, some visit every couple of days. I'd like to say hi to you, without giving away too much information about who you are, you should be able to tell who you are. :) I hope I put the same smile on your face by reading this as you put on my face by visiting.

There is Fitch Affordable Telecom in Midland, I see that name on a very regular basis, you are practically a neighbor in terms of distance (on a Texas scale), and a big hello to Reynolds in Arlington, you must really like my site :), I smile when I see your visit, you are very near my home town.

Lei hao to my friend in Hong Kong. Hola to my friend who is south of the border. Hi to Cleveland Ohio (sorry for the misspell), do you really have a radio station called "The Buzzard"?

And to my number one fan in Georgetown, I thought you might be someone I know, my brother-in-law since he lives there, but no, it turns out that my bro-in-law has to go to the library to access the internet right now, so that leaves you as my number one fan in terms of return visits.

I know there are many more of you who visit on a regular basis, but because of the way the IP addresses tend to change on most internet providers, I don't recognize the return visits.

Thank you each and every one, to those I see coming back, and those who I don't recognize but are regulars none the less, I am blessed to have so many internet friends.

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properly pronounced wreetha, (included for the text reader),

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hey Wretha...funny you should mention Georgetown! I was born there...and used to spend all my summers there when I was younger...!!

    I still have a LOT of relatives there...sure used to be a pretty town!

  2. LOL....been lurking around for a couple of days now.

  3. HJ, I was in Georgetown a couple of times, once back in late 89, just passing through, then again a few years later on a girls only roadtrip, went to Innerspace, it was fun. :)

    Tango, thanks for dropping by and leaving a note, I'm checking out your site too. :)

  4. What a creepy post, calling out the lurkers.

  5. Although I may not be able to visit every day I will be visiting. It's always nice to see comments on what one has written, especially when one has as few followers as I. I don't spend much time on the 'puter as I often think of it as time that could have been spent doing something useful. I do enjoy visiting when I can and know I will learn lots. Have a beautiful day.

  6. Jimmy, Yeah, I did call them out, didn't I... :) hope it puts a smile on their faces.

    Thanks Momlady, don't worry about how many followers you have, just write from the heart and you will pick up more and more readers/followers. I don't even have 100 followers yet, though I'm getting close, I see other bloggers who have hundreds and hundreds of followers, it's no biggie, I don't write to get more followers, I just write from my heart. :)

  7. I read this yesterday and almost left a comment. I actually thought about it last night and again today. The reason.... I might be your Georgetown follower. I read all your posts if I comment or not. The reason I felt the need to come back and comment has to do with the fact that I have moved from Georgetown to Oklahoma. LOL If I AM the "Georgetown Follower" I didn't want you to think you had chased me off. :)

  8. Thanks SciFiChick, I don't think you are though, I have had very recent visits from my Georgetown visitor.

  9. Well you know I don't mind being called out. I lurk, I comment, sometimes I miss a day or two.

    Received our first check today for our new software application. Still waiting on the second one [indecisive guy].

    SciFiChick just cause you weren't the Georgetown lurker, keep visiting Wretha so she does not get lonely! LOL!!

  10. Thanks TexasMan, so what is the URL for this software app of yours?


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