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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Family Visit

I had a very nice visit with my sister and niece this week, this is their first time here, I must say that my sister and niece handled the primitive conditions, poo-bucket, cold nights and such very well.

Unfortunately the visit wasn't long enough, they arrived late in the day on Saturday and left today, Tuesday. They got a late start the day they left, it was sprinkling with some snow mixed in for good measure, but it dried up nicely by mid-morning and they were able to get away just fine.

I took some pix of them before they left, so you can see what some of my family looks like.

My sister is 2 years younger than I am, and my niece is 14, they sure grow up fast, I was there when my niece was born, it seems like yesterday. I think they had a good time visiting, Heather (my niece) and PB climbed up the mountain while I was driving my sister around the neighborhood. We could only take one at a time in the Bug, there is no back seat.

My sister and I are pretty close, but we are pretty opposite, we like to say that I got the cooking gene and she got the jewelry gene. I am perfectly happy being out in the middle of nowhere, she gets antsy if she is that far from a WallyWorld, so for now, we will just have to be happy with visits, I'll not be talking her into coming out on a permanent basis, at least not until TSHTF, there will be no WallyWorlds then. LOL!

Oh, BTW, you can see the knit hats they are wearing, those were made by yours truly, I knitted them just a few days before they arrived as a surprise. My sister especially appreciated hers, she slept in it to keep warm. My sister's hat has a couple of rows of fancy stitching, it's hard to see in the pictures, and since the yarn I used for her hat is so soft, the fancy stitches don't show up as well. My niece's hat took some doing, I knitted the brim as usual, but took it off the knitting loom, turned it inside out, placed it back on the knitting loom, then turned it to make the brim, there is probably an easier way to create that look, but since I tend to make things up as I go, I didn't follow a pattern, I am happy with them.

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  1. Wretha,
    I know you posted the info, I copied and saved it, and can't find it. Tell us again please, the name of the knitting loom, and where you got it. It was a kit wasn't it??? I would really like to have one.

  2. Selene, I put the links to the various knitting loom products in the message, thanks.

  3. Your Family looks like they had a lot of fun, I am happy for you that you got to spend time with them, and the hats look really good.

  4. My computer froze so I don`t know if my comment went through so I am going to do it again.Your family looks like they had a lot of fun with their Visit,I am so happy for you that you got to see them. The Hats wow they look really good.

  5. Girl...I don't know whether to hug you or shoot you for getting me started with loom knitting! I haven't stopped since I got my looms!

    Getting ready to start the afghans for Christmas...and trying to learn the booties for the preemies now!

    Baby blankets are in the looms as I speak!

    See what I mean? BTW, the hats look great!

  6. Wretha,
    How do you get your power to run a computer and food processor? Are you totally solar? If so what kind of setup do you have?

  7. craftycountrymomma, thanks, and both of your comments came through just fine... oh and now you are at the top of my commentators list, you just surpassed TexasMan. LOL

    HJ, hmmm, hug or buckshot... I'll have to think about that for a while... :) So are you now officially a yarn whore yet? I know I am! When are we going to see some pix of your yarn craft?

    Anon, we are 100% solar powered, I have no trouble running a food processor or my computer or any other electrical gadgets I use, our system is small, but we don't need or use much power. Just look around on my blog, it's all explained.

  8. I'm glad your sister and niece had a good time and finally got out your way Wretha. Looks like they had fun to me. I'll bet it was quite a different experience for them though.

  9. I know you were excited to have your sister and niece come visit! Looked like they had a good time. It was real easy to tell which one was your sister....y'all resemble each other a lot. Besides our mother would have to have had the young girl way too late in life LOL!!!

    I have been real busy so have not checked in and commented for a while. Will try to catch up today.

  10. TexasMan, glad to see you back, I was getting worried when another reader passed you up on number of comments... LOLOLOL!

  11. Was just busy putting final touches to our new software, Highway One. Have our first user and looking at the 2nd one soon. Will make one of the conventions of County judges and Commissioners and then start cold calling some of the County Precinct Commissioners.

    And my regular day job [Mon-Wed I am retired you know VBG], has picked up.

  12. Wretha,

    Heather and I had such a wonderful time visiting you and PB. We can't wait to do it again and bring J. We may get snow Sat night into Sunday. Good thing I didn't put away the hat you knitted for me.


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