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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amigurumi Complete

I finished the amigurumi bunny, he now has a mouth and nose, I also finished my MIL's boots, I'll be sending these off in a few days.

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  1. HOw stinkin cute is that!!! And good work upcycling!

    Two things: any chance you want to do some guest posting occasionally over at my site? I just moved to a .com and fancied it all up.

    AND - will you pretty pretty please put the new site address in your blogroll for me? I get bunches of traffic from you and I'd love if the current posts were being updated since I moved over to a .com (nightmare, btw)

    the new site is http://thesurvivalmama.com

    Thanks much!!!
    The Survival Mama

  2. Glad the bunny now has a nose to twitch! And a mouth...cool!

    Those are some fancy looking boots, my friend!

  3. Love the boots!!! Do you think, SOMEHOW, that you could use crocks as treads and crochet the boot to them?? With my concrete floors, something like this would be amazing! I wear my crocks every day in here because of the concrete!


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