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Friday, March 11, 2011

Out For Delivery...

Out For Delivery may just be the sweetest 3 words I know right now, well until it says "delivered", can you say "squealing with delight"??? In case you haven't been reading this silly blog since 3 days ago, go here for an explanation... http://wretha.blogspot.com/2011/03/contest-of-sorts.html

Thank God that it's coming by UPS, our delivery drivers out here are pretty typically afraid of our neighborhood, not because of violence or scary people, it's our roads, we have miles of maze like, unpaved, sometimes unmarked or poorly marked, dirt and rock mountain roads, many are 4X4 only, sometimes even a local can get temporarily lost or stuck... typically delivery drivers don't even try to find an address out here, even GPS isn't accurate, other delivery drivers will take packages to the main office (near the fire department) and leave it there, well not our Bobby, he is the absolute best UPS delivery guy out here. He goes so far beyond the call of duty, he knows where his UPS truck can go, and when, rainy season can make some of our scary roads impassible, I have to give major kudos to Bobby, I hope that man never retires!

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  1. Ha Ha!

    Hope you enjoy that package :)

    I checked and I got some credit from your purchase!! Yipee!

    Maybe I can afford some books that I have been eyeballing.

  2. Congratulations! I know you've wanted that keyboard for quite a while now.

  3. Yeah All American x5, hope you got credit for everything I ordered, it should have been the keyboard, the stand, the sustain pedal, the case and hopefully the extended oops warranty (I do hope they pay commissions on that, it's practically free money for them).

    Thanks Muddome, yes, this is something I have wanted for a very long time, I was a little nervous about spending that much money, but now that it's here, I'm happy with the entire purchase.


  4. Enjoy your new keyboard! Godspeed to the intrepid UPS man. I've had to drag a gooseneck trailer loaded down with a tank full of fish and water, with a 2 wheel drive dually, into some pretty hairy places (like the Atascosa Wildlife Refuge. Once you go in, you're committed! No place to turn around). I know how he feels...

  5. Is it there yet? You're probably enjoying it right now : )

    Add my love of UPS drivers to the pot.

  6. Yup, got it, played with it all night last night, got 2 hours sleep, had to get up early to go to town, came home, played for 30 minutes, went to bed, just got up... life is so tough. :p


  7. how sweet to read an homage to a UPS driver! I have occasionally met our mail carrier at the box, and she seems genuinely surprised when I thank her for all her hard work. Oh, how I love getting mail and packages!

  8. Dmarie, we know all of our regular delivery people, including our mail carrier, everyone knows everyone out here. :) And we do greatly appreciate each and everyone of them.

    You have a great blog!



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