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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sky Castle Pictures

Here are a few pix, mainly of the sky castle and the addition of the tower and the cone on the top.
Click on any of the images to see it full size.
The tank, and the cone, you can see the boom here, you can also see the safety strap going around the tank,
PB attached himself to this strap so he couldn't fall off.

PB built the boom to get the cone on the top.

I don't know how PB comes up with this stuff...
Click the "read more" link to see all the pictures.....

Here you can see the scaffold PB put around the tank so he could work on it.

The nearly completed tower with an American flag
proudly flying above (thanks Glen!)

The sky castle with tower, the orange Chevy and my baby girl Pekoe in the foreground.

This goes under the room/deck above.

This is the north facing side, you can see the door/hatch opening in the can, this will essentially become a storage or outdoor closet for seasonal clothes and bedding.

This can is insulated so that it will not have a condensation issue on the inside.

The can is well attached to the roof of the room below, it will not blow off unless the whole room came apart. With the winds we had last night, and it's still standing, so I have complete faith in it.

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  1. Your hubby has accomplished a lot. are you living in the cone? or not,It looks peaceful there,a very nice place congrats. Blessings jane

  2. Hi Jane, thanks for your comment, no we aren't living in the cone, we live in the main part of the house, you can see it on the right side of the cone. The can/cone/tower is going to be used for seasonal storage (winter stuff in summer and summer stuff in winter).


  3. Awesome project. It's good to have some storage space for off-season stuff. Your place is really looking like a castle more now. I going to take a close look at the pictures showing the crane PB built. I will have to rig up something similar this summer.

  4. When I first saw it, I thought it was a water storage tank! Now, with the cone on, it almost looks like a spacecraft ready to blast off!

    You guys are always amazing me with something new! You have a great day now!

  5. Muddome, now I'm curious as to what you are going to do...

    HJ, it originally was a water tank, it just didn't hold water anymore, which is why we have it, we get the guys out here who replace old metal water tanks with new poly plastic ones, they bring us the old tanks, it saves them from having to drive all the way into town (40+ miles) to get rid of them. We turn them into storage containers/sheds.

    I think it looks like a rocket too LOL


  6. wow..that is really cool..Not to mention building your own boom..Wow! It is obvious that I have not spent nearly enough time on here as I usually just read through a reader! I need to see more!

  7. LOVE IT Wretha!!! Certainly adds to the "castle" look!!! GREAT job!!!

  8. Hi Wreatha!

    I just stubled across your blog the other day. Living off-the-grid = Very Cool! I also saw your post on your homemade washing machine. I may use that in the future as we plan to liveaboard a sailboat. I make my own bar soap and have tried to use it for laundry, but I think I have to let it age for 6-12 months to get dried out enough.

    I was drawn to your pics as we live in the rainforest and have a water catchment system with a tank that looks like your turret. Stop by http://ravenscamp.blogspot.com to check out some pics of our log home we built here.

    Nice to meet you!


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