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Monday, March 7, 2011


Hi everyone, I am surprised that I haven't received even one reply about my previous post:
I will hold off until the end of today to make the order, it's not going to be easy though, I really want that keyboard... :)

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  1. No Amazon account meself. Perhaps non of your readers have one? Could be!

  2. Well I would love to have some extra money to buy homeschooling books or maybe more gardening books or maybe more back to the basic books or maybe....you get the point.

    My amazon associates tracking id is allam-20.

    Would love to get that commission off of your purchase :)

    Hope it is not to late!

  3. It's not too late, I will order sometime late tonight, before I go to bed (I'm generally a nite owl), so there is still time for others to get in on this. I'll hold off as late as I can tonight.


  4. All American x5, you "won" the order credit. :)



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