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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Ahhhh, decisions, decisions... I still haven't located my digital camera, I know I have it packed away in a box that is in the middle of a pile of boxes that is sitting outside, wrapped in heavy builder's plastic and wire, it is battened down against the sun, wind, dust, rain and hopefully animals. The problem is, each time we have disassembled this package to get things out, it is nearly impossible to put things back, the plastic is becoming more and more brittle, things get disturbed and the boxes become less able to protect our stuff. We have done this once or twice in the time we have been here, the next time we break into the package needs to be the last time. We will need a place to put all of this stuff because I don't think we will be able to leave pack it back up and leave it out again. This means waiting until Bob is finished working on the cabin so that we will have a place to put all of this stuff and get it out of the elements.

I thought I found the box the camera could have been in, I found the accessories for the camera, but not the camera, bummer! So I have been looking for alternatives, I have found a probable replacement. This is an all in one, MP4 player with video (and still) camera. This device would allow me to snap pix and record videos (wiping drool off chin), it also records audio. It has a touch screen viewer so I could see the images and/or videos I take. It is a MP3 music player, MP4 video player, video camera, still camera, and digital audio recorder, it has 8 GB of internal memory, expandable with mini-SD memory (up to 2 GB). Here is the device in question

The thing that is holding me back is the money, now don't get me wrong, the price is really right, it's actually very inexpensive for what it is. In my "old life" I wouldn't think twice about dropping this amount on something like this, but now that I living my new life, well lets just say that it might take me a month to scrape up this much cash. I just emailed the company to ask them for clarification about the frames per second, I expect to hear back from them in a day or so. They have the model listed above, and they have an upgraded model, the difference being the amount of internal memory. While studying the two, I noticed on their site that the 8GB model states that it records 30 FPS for the video, the upgraded 16 GB model states that it records 10 FPS, this makes no sense to me, everything else is the same (except for the memory), I am hoping they made a mistake with the more expensive one and it is really 30 FPS, not the other way around, that is a huge difference for video recording.

Well, you know what they say about wishing for things, "Wish with one hand and sh*t in the other and see which one gets filled quickest"... now, I can't say that is entirely true, I have received and achieved some amazing things, I believe in planting seeds for the future and it has worked for me pretty well, so I'm planting positive seeds now, life is good!

Happy Easter everyone!
Time to get to bed, it's getting late. :)

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