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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Rise Of Tyranny and the FDA

Alma, see the link for the book at the bottom of the article.
This is an interesting little video about the FDA and the power they have. What I have seen is these big pharma companies and the FDA do not want to heal or cure us, we are their customers, if they heal/cure us, then they will make less money, possibly go out of business. It's in their best financial interest to keep us sick, they want to TREAT us, not cure us, as long as they treat us, they make money, period. That's why they do their utmost best to try to block any real cures including natural cures or treatments, think I'm kidding? Just try to make a website and make claims about natural CURES, the FDA will come in and shut you down.

I don't know how long this will remain in YouTube, if and when this gets pulled from YouTube, I'll remove the video, but the link to download the video directly from the website should work. This is part one, part two should be available in a few days. Also, I am embedding this video right after I uploaded it, so as of this minute, the video is not processed, I'm hoping that it will show by tomorrow.

Oh well, it turns out that YouTube only allows 10 minute videos, I could embed the direct video, the problem is when I do that, it automatically starts the video, even if I tell it not to, and I find that annoying, so I will not do that to you, click on the direct link below and download it. watch it, it's worth watching.

Here is the direct link for download. http://frtv.org/images/shows/videos/1725.wmv
Here is the link to the website http://frtv.org/show,188.html you might want to check out some of their other programs, very good information!

Here is another interesting link:
http://www.stopfdacensorship.org/ Stop FDA Censorship

Here is a link to the book The Rise of Tyranny, written by Jonathan W. Emord, it's worth checking out.

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  1. Too dang much government interference!! There was a program (?), country (?) once where you paid the doctor a little every month as long as you were well. If you got sick, the doctor had to make you well in order to get paid again. As long as you were sick, the doctor didn't get paid. Now that's what I call health insurance.

  2. Frightening stuff Wretha! I passed this along on my blog as well (along with some linkage love, credit where credit is due!).


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