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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Feel Honored- I Think...

I'm not sure exactly what to think, someone from Lockheed looking at my site, actually this is from my other site, the technical off grid site that isn't really up and running yet, it's almost ready to go. They might have visited here too, I just didn't catch it in time so I don't know for sure if they did visit here or not, everything from that date has already rolled off the tracker page. If they know about that blog, then they know about this one too.

My Dad retired from Lockheed in Fort Worth, TX, he built F-16s, of course the majority of time he worked there, it was General Dynamics, aka GD. We were (and still are) pretty proud of what he did, working on the machinery that protects us and our allies.

So, I have to wonder about this one, someone on their lunch break, a bored employee working their way around the internet and found my blog? Or was this possibly an official visit? Lockheed isn't exactly the government, but their contracts are with the government, so they are definitely in uncle big bro's pocket. Can't imagine what they would want with my site, I hope it was just an employee wanting to learn about living off grid and used a company computer to do their surfing.

Perhaps I'm just making much ado about nothing, but the visit DID happen, I have proof, I just don't know in what capacity.

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