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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pump-N-Seal on eBay

Don't have enough time to write much about this, I found a Pump-n-Seal on eBay (I keep an eye out for these types of things), it seems like a pretty good deal, the starting price is $25 (with free shipping), it includes the Pump-n-Seal unit, tab-cheks, and the Bowl-Seal, everything is new, I'm not associated with this listing in any way, I'm just passing on what I am finding.

Here is the link


It ends on April 22, as of now, there are no bids, I expect that to change. (EDIT it now has bids)

This is the same sealer I use and love. Check it out, it's not often found on eBay.

I wrote about this here:

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1 comment:

  1. Hello! I have 5 brand new unopened pump-n-seal kits available for purchase. I will sell them for $15 a piece plus shipping. I'll be posting them on ebay as auction with option to buy (at $20) if I don't hear back from you by this evening. Email me at babygrl_109@yahoo.com with any questions.

    Thank you!


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