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Monday, September 13, 2010

Big John Is Blogging Again

Hey everyone, an internet friend who has been gone way too long from the blogosphere is now back and writing. Some of you already know him, some like him and others do not, that's OK too, we can't all agree with one another all the time but hopefully we can agree to disagree in a civil manner.

Big John has varied interests from survival to dowsing, he has a lot to offer and gives a lot to his readers, he is a bit controversial (in some circles) so he ends up with a lot of trolls leaving comments, there seem to be those who think that John is responsible for taking care of them, well that don't float with John and he is quick to say so, he is very much into personal responsibility, taking care of yourself and your family.

Visit Big John's blog and click on the follow button, let's give him a big welcome back. :)


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