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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Test Kitchen Deodorant Day 1

I'm trying the DIY epsom salt deodorant right now. I got a clean 8 oz spray bottle (it used to have spray crystal deodorant in it), I poured in water until it was almost to the top, have to leave some space for the epsom salt. I poured this into a non-reactive pan (stainless steel, you could use glass or enamel), I gently heated the water, then added epsom salt (hereafter referred to as ES), I don't have an exact measurement, I'd estimate a quarter to a third of a cup. I stirred until it was dissolved. I tested the liquid, it got a little thick, and when I put some on my skin, it had an oily feel, but only until it dried, then it felt smooth. I poured this mixture into the spray bottle. I cleaned my armpits with regular soap and water, then sprayed the ES water on to my pits. It's funny, I wonder what people will think if they see me sniffing my armpits, well how else will I know if they stink or not? LOL, I'll post how it works later.

One of the things I read yesterday was about magnesium oil, turns out that this substance is known for it's healing abilities, I'm sure you already know about soaking in a ES bath, especially good for sore muscles and such. From what I can glean from the web about magnesium oil, it's a super saturated solution of magnesium chloride and water. When you apply it to your skin, it has the feel of oil, yet it's not an oil and will soak into your skin and leave no oily residue. There are far too many things for me to list here about what this can do for your body, just do a search for "magnesium oil" and you will find everything you ever wanted to know about it.

Magnesium oil is made of magnesium chloride, I made my own using ES which is magnesium sulfate. I'm not a scientist or chemist, but ES has been used for a very long time by humans and is generally considered safe for internal and external use. When I made up the ES solution, I wasn't completely sure if it would act the same way as magnesium oil, but once it became thicker, and I tested it on my skin and it felt like oil, I knew I was on the right track.

I intend to use this on PB as well, I'll use it as a massage oil on his back and arms. He has been working very hard lately, physically hard, his left arm, mainly his elbow is giving him trouble. I hope this will help relieve some of his pain, he tends to be very skeptical about "home remedies", so if he says this works, then we will know it words, it will not just be wishful thinking or the placebo effect.

Now it's time to go outside and get sweaty, hopefully not stinky. :)

Almost forgot to add, this is a great site about ES information

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