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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Is Really Sick

Go here to read about a new bill in CONgress, it's about allowing/requiring HHS to ask anyone signing up for social services (food stamps...) about their sexual orientation, (gay, lesbian, trangendered...), that isn't the really bad part, this question isn't just for adults, they will ask SCHOOL AGED CHILDREN this question as well.

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  1. It's Big Brother insinuating itself even further. Before you know we'll all have chip inplants.

  2. Blech! I'm fed up with the snoopers! It's none of their business. Why do they need to know this????

  3. Since AIDS is primaryly homosexually transmitted.The health services adm needs all the info they can get to try an stop the spread.

  4. Momlady, maybe in my rotting corpse, not while I still breathe...

    G, yup, this is what they call a good idea, makes you wonder where their heads are...

    Ted, that may have been true at one time, honestly I believe AIDS a man-made disease, just like a lot of other diseases that are out there, I don't think it's strictly a gay or IV drug user thing any more. I also don't think that bill has anything to do with the spread of disease, it's just one more set of data points some in the government want to have, something that is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!

  5. Wretha Polio was cured by the government getting involved an all the costly research that was done by being well informed.Your right AIDS is a social disease that has crossed over.

  6. Oh, and Wretha, just think of how much money it took to re-format the forms, re-program the computer software, re-train the people, etc., etc., to get that data.


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