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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Test Kitchen Deodorant Day 3

After using the DIY deodorant for 3 days now, I have to report that it somewhat works, well not that good. I'd say it works at about 80%, it's better than nothing at all, but it does not stop my body odor completely. At the end of the day, I can detect a faint smell of BO in my arm pits, I would feel comfortable standing next to someone, but I would not want to give a hug. Today I gave it the final test, I shaved my underarms, washed very well, then applied the spray, I can say that it didn't sting, and I expected it to. But at the end of the day, I detect a slight BO smell, bummer.

I might try one more thing, I have tea tree oil, I'll add some of that to the spray and give it another try, it is so close to working, I can't help but think that adding tea tree oil might take it the rest of the way and make it work 100%. I'll post another update in a few days.

If nothing else, I will use it as a muscle spray, it is known that ES is good for sore muscles, I'll see how it works for that purpose, I'll also use it as a foot spray, it does have anti-fungal properties, so it's not a total waste.

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  1. I would think adding tea tree oil would work but how about using it twice a day? The mixture is not an antiperspirant and when sweat hits the air it causes the odor - so maybe twice a day. It's a spray so you wouldn't even necessarily have to wash first either.

  2. Bellen, that's a good idea, something I had already thought as well. I just want to get away from using commercial deodorants or antiperspirants with all of the problems associated with using those.

  3. Sounds very successful to me. By the end of the day it's time for a bath or shower. A slight odor especially after working all day would be normal. I don't think you can expect the ES to eliminate all odor by the end of a day. Have not tried epsom salts, but I will try it. I do like Tom's natural deodorant.


  4. I admire you for trying this out, I don't have the courage to do so yet. lol.

  5. the desert rose, sounds like Tom's of Maine would be a good backup for those days when you need to be sure...

    CCM, naw, don't have to be brave, just need a day when you aren't going anywhere. ;)


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