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Thursday, September 23, 2010

DIY Deodorant

Epsom Salt 16 OzI am always on the lookout for natural alternatives for things like deodorant and such. I have used those crystal deodorants off and on for years, they work great to keep the odor down, you still sweat which is a good thing, don't want to clog up those pores, sweating is natural, it's unnatural to try to stop that process. Since the hot months have passed, it's a good time to try out something new without worrying about driving everyone away if this doesn't work. LOL!

I have been reading about epsom salt tonight, from what I have read, this can be used as a natural deodorant too though it's not as common as some other natural deodorants. I am going to try it out and see if it works. I'll make a super saturation of epsom salt and water, put this in a spray bottle and give it a go.

Here is my theory, body odor is caused when the normal bacteria on your skin grow and give off the byproducts of growing and dying, this happens especially well in the warm, dark, moist recesses of your armpits, in your shoes and other areas that get smelly, do something, anything to disrupt the life cycle of the bacteria, and no odor can occur. Baking soda does the same thing, but for some people it's too harsh to the delicate skin under your arms. Some mix it with corn starch and that helps.

I'm going to try the epsom salt saturated water, I'll post how it works.

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  1. I use a baking soda and cornstarch mix and it's great. Baking soda by itself works better for deodorizing but is too hard on my skin to use it every day without adding something softer to the mix.

    I never thought of trying anything in a spray bottle so I'm curious about how your epsom salt experiment will turn out. Keep us posted! :)

  2. A friend of mine uses a few drops of oil of oregano in her baking soda and cornstarch. She jokes that she may smell like a salad, but actually it's a fresh smell, not heavy and 'herby'. I have heard that it is really good for controlling odors in shoes, so why not pits? I am going to try it, I think.

    Please post about how the epsom salts thing works out. Magnesium is SO good for you, even if it's just absorbed through skin. Epsom salts are so cheap, too. If it's effective I'll switch for sure. Maybe oil of oregano mixed into it would work. Dunno. One step at a time, I guess.


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